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TrailsTrail DistanceCityHike TimeDifficulty
Azalea1.372 mi2.208 km <br />Kingsport1.5 Hours0.0938 Days <br />90 Min <br />Hard
Back Hollow Road1.944 mi3.129 km <br />Kingsport0.5 Hours0.0313 Days <br />30 Min <br />Easy
Bays Mountain Road2.079 mi3.346 km <br />Kingsport2 Hours0.125 Days <br />120 Min <br />Medium
Bays Ridge Road1.423 mi2.29 km <br />Kingsport1.5 Hours0.0938 Days <br />90 Min <br />Medium
Bays Ridge Trail2.378 mi3.827 km <br />Kingsport2 Hours0.125 Days <br />120 Min <br />Medium
Bear Run Trail0.46 mi0.74 km <br />Kingsport1.5 Hours0.0938 Days <br />90 Min <br />Medium
Beartree Gap Trail3.19 mi5.134 km <br />Damascus2 Hours0.125 Days <br />120 Min <br />Medium
Big Butt Trail6.032 mi9.708 km <br />Asheville4 Hours0.25 Days <br />240 Min <br />Hard
Big Oak Trail0.927 mi1.492 km <br />Kingsport1 Hours0.0625 Days <br />60 Min <br />Easy
Black Mountain Crest Trail10.88 mi17.51 km <br />Burnsville8 Hours0.5 Days <br />480 Min <br />Hard
Blue 21.507 mi2.425 km <br />Roan Mountain1 Hours0.0625 Days <br />60 Min <br />Medium
Boneyard2.408 mi3.875 km <br />Kingsport1.5 Hours0.0938 Days <br />90 Min <br />Medium
Boneyard Connector0.0445 mi0.0716 km <br />Kingsport0.0833 Hours0.00521 Days <br />5 Min <br />Easy
Brumley Mountain Trail2.96 mi4.764 km <br />Rosedale4 Hours0.25 Days <br />240 Min <br />Medium
CCC Trail1.9 mi3.058 km <br />Marion1 Hours0.0625 Days <br />60 Min <br />Medium
Cabin Creek Trail1.8 mi2.897 km <br />Mouth of Wilson1 Hours0.0625 Days <br />60 Min <br />Medium
Carver's Gap to US19E14.8 mi23.818 km <br />Roan Mountain5 Hours0.313 Days <br />300 Min <br />Medium
Catawba Falls Trail1.4 mi2.253 km <br />1.5 Hours0.0938 Days <br />90 Min <br />Easy
Channels Trail5.4 mi8.69 km <br />Rosedale8 Hours0.5 Days <br />480 Min <br />Hard
Cherry Knobs1.526 mi2.456 km <br />Kingsport1 Hours0.0625 Days <br />60 Min <br />Medium
Chestnut Ridge2.193 mi3.529 km <br />Roan Mountain1.5 Hours0.0938 Days <br />90 Min <br />Medium
Chestnut Trail1.49 mi2.398 km <br />Kingsport0.5 Hours0.0313 Days <br />30 Min <br />Medium
Chief Benge Scout Trail18.7 mi30.095 km <br />Norton10 Hours0.625 Days <br />600 Min <br />Hard
Chimney Top1.5 mi2.414 km <br />Fall Branch3 Hours0.188 Days <br />180 Min <br />Medium
Chimney Top Alternate0.91 mi1.464 km <br />1 Hours0.0625 Days <br />60 Min <br />Hard
Chinquapin Trail1.556 mi2.504 km <br />Kingsport1 Hours0.0625 Days <br />60 Min <br />Medium
Cliffside Trail0.76 mi1.223 km <br />Kingsport0.5 Hours0.0313 Days <br />30 Min <br />Medium
Cloudland (Roan Mountain State Park)0.619 mi0.997 km <br />Roan Mountain1.5 Hours0.0938 Days <br />90 Min <br />Easy
Connector0.28 mi0.451 km <br />Kingsport0.25 Hours0.0156 Days <br />15 Min <br />Easy
Coon Den Falls1.237 mi1.991 km <br />Hampton1.5 Hours0.0938 Days <br />90 Min <br />Medium
Cross Ridges Trail0.64 mi1.03 km <br />Kingsport0.75 Hours0.0469 Days <br />45 Min <br />Medium
Daniel Boone Trail2.979 mi4.794 km <br />Duffield3 Hours0.188 Days <br />180 Min <br />Medium
Darwin's Connector0.1 mi0.161 km <br />Kingsport0.167 Hours0.0104 Days <br />10 Min <br />Easy
Darwin's Revenge2.06 mi3.315 km <br />Kingsport1 Hours0.0625 Days <br />60 Min <br />Medium
Dennis Cove Rd to Wilbur Dam Rd12.8 mi20.6 km <br />Roan Mountain11.5 Hours0.719 Days <br />690 Min <br />Medium
Devil's Backbone1.2 mi1.931 km <br />Kingsport2 Hours0.125 Days <br />120 Min <br />Medium
Devil's Bathtub7.392 mi11.896 km <br />Ft. Blackmore5 Hours0.313 Days <br />300 Min <br />Medium
Dolan Branch Trail0.392 mi0.631 km <br />Kingsport0.5 Hours0.0313 Days <br />30 Min <br />Easy
Ewing Trail7.5 mi12.07 km <br />Ewing3.5 Hours0.219 Days <br />210 Min <br />Medium
Fall Creek Loop0.92 mi1.481 km <br />Kingsport0.5 Hours0.0313 Days <br />30 Min <br />Medium
Fawn Loop0.61 mi0.982 km <br />Kingsport0.25 Hours0.0156 Days <br />15 Min <br />Easy
Fern Trail0.166 mi0.267 km <br />Kingsport0.25 Hours0.0156 Days <br />15 Min <br />Medium
Fire Tower Trail0.7 mi1.127 km <br />Kingsport0.5 Hours0.0313 Days <br />30 Min <br />Medium
Food Plot Road0.372 mi0.599 km <br />Kingsport0.25 Hours0.0156 Days <br />15 Min <br />Medium
Forest Road3.223 mi5.187 km <br />Roan Mountain2 Hours0.125 Days <br />120 Min <br />Medium
Fred Behrend2.196 mi3.534 km <br />Roan Mountain1.5 Hours0.0938 Days <br />90 Min <br />Medium
Front Hollow Road1.7 mi2.736 km <br />Kingsport2.5 Hours0.156 Days <br />150 Min <br />Medium
Green Knob Tower Trail2.672 mi4.3 km <br />Old Fort4 Hours0.25 Days <br />240 Min <br />Medium
Hawksbill Mountain0.94 mi1.512 km <br />Linville1 Hours0.0625 Days <br />60 Min <br />Medium
Hemlock Trail0.0975 mi0.157 km <br />Kingsport1 Hours0.0625 Days <br />60 Min <br />Easy
Holly Trail0.34 mi0.547 km <br />Kingsport1 Hours0.0625 Days <br />60 Min <br />Easy
Holston Bluffs0.384 mi0.618 km <br />Kingsport0.5 Hours0.0313 Days <br />30 Min <br />Easy
Indian Grave Gap to Iron Mountain Gap11.8 mi18.99 km <br />Erwin11 Hours0.688 Days <br />660 Min <br />Medium
Indian Pipes Trail1.91 mi3.074 km <br />Kingsport1 Hours0.0625 Days <br />60 Min <br />Medium
Iron Mountain Gap to Carver's Gap15.4 mi24.784 km <br />Erwin15.25 Hours0.953 Days <br />915 Min <br />Medium
Iron Mountain Trail - South17.75 mi28.566 km <br />Mountain City32 Hours2 Days <br />1,920 Min <br />Hard
Jones Road0.926 mi1.49 km <br />Kingsport2 Hours0.125 Days <br />120 Min <br />Medium
Kiner Hollow Trail1.411 mi2.271 km <br />Kingsport1 Hours0.0625 Days <br />60 Min <br />Medium
Lake Hollow0.56 mi0.901 km <br />Kingsport0.5 Hours0.0313 Days <br />30 Min <br />Easy
Lake Road (Bays Mountain Park)4.326 mi6.962 km <br />Kingsport2.5 Hours0.156 Days <br />150 Min <br />Easy
Lake Road (Warriors Path State Park)0.84 mi1.351 km <br />Kingsport0.5 Hours0.0313 Days <br />30 Min <br />Easy
Lake Trail (Big Ridge State Park)1.5 mi2.414 km <br />Maynardville1 Hours0.0625 Days <br />60 Min <br />Easy
Lake Trail Loop5.7 mi9.173 km <br />Marion3 Hours0.188 Days <br />180 Min <br />Medium
Lakeshore0.31 mi0.499 km <br />Kingsport0.25 Hours0.0156 Days <br />15 Min <br />Easy
Lakeside Trail2.316 mi3.727 km <br />Kingsport1.5 Hours0.0938 Days <br />90 Min <br />Medium
Laurel Fork Gorge2.57 mi4.136 km <br />Hampton4 Hours0.25 Days <br />240 Min <br />Medium
Laurel Fork Trail7.9 mi12.714 km <br />Hampton2 Hours0.125 Days <br />120 Min <br />Hard
Laurel Run Trail1.89 mi3.042 km <br />Kingsport3 Hours0.188 Days <br />180 Min <br />Medium
Little Stony Creek Falls2.608 mi4.197 km <br />Dungannon3 Hours0.188 Days <br />180 Min <br />Medium
Lone Oak Trail1.81 mi2.913 km <br />Johnson City1 Hours0.0625 Days <br />60 Min <br />Medium
Longarm Branch3.6 mi5.794 km <br />Erwin4 Hours0.25 Days <br />240 Min <br />Medium
Lost Road Trail1.9 mi3.058 km <br />Morristown1 Hours0.0625 Days <br />60 Min <br />Hard
Magic Carpet Ride0.204 mi0.328 km <br />Kingsport0.167 Hours0.0104 Days <br />10 Min <br />Medium
Maple Arch Trail3.2 mi5.15 km <br />Morristown3 Hours0.188 Days <br />180 Min <br />Medium
Margarette Falls1.3 mi2.092 km <br />Greeneville2 Hours0.125 Days <br />120 Min <br />Medium
Molly's Knob Trail1.985 mi3.195 km <br />Marion1.5 Hours0.0938 Days <br />90 Min <br />Hard
Mount Mitchell Trail4.566 mi7.348 km <br />Burnsville6 Hours0.375 Days <br />360 Min <br />Hard
Nolichucky River to Indian Grave Gap8.3 mi13.358 km <br />Erwin7.5 Hours0.469 Days <br />450 Min <br />Medium
Norris Blackburn Trail0.45 mi0.724 km <br />Morristown0.5 Hours0.0313 Days <br />30 Min <br />Easy
Old Dug Trail2.1 mi3.38 km <br />Elizabethton3 Hours0.188 Days <br />180 Min <br />Medium
Old Shawnee Trail0.944 mi1.519 km <br />Marion1 Hours0.0625 Days <br />60 Min <br />Medium
Old Wagon Trail1 mi1.609 km <br />Morristown0.75 Hours0.0469 Days <br />45 Min <br />Easy
Orchid Trail0.265 mi0.426 km <br />Kingsport0.75 Hours0.0469 Days <br />45 Min <br />Medium
Ore Mine Trail1.7 mi2.736 km <br />Morristown1 Hours0.0625 Days <br />60 Min <br />Medium
Overlook0.73 mi1.175 km <br />Kingsport0.5 Hours0.0313 Days <br />30 Min <br />Easy
Pawpaw0.561 mi0.903 km <br />Kingsport0.5 Hours0.0313 Days <br />30 Min <br />Medium
Pawpaw Connector0.1 mi0.161 km <br />Kingsport0.167 Hours0.0104 Days <br />10 Min <br />Easy
Peg Leg Mine0.283 mi0.456 km <br />Roan Mountain0.333 Hours0.0208 Days <br />20 Min <br />Easy
Phipps Bend Trail3 mi4.828 km <br />Surgoinsville2.5 Hours0.156 Days <br />150 Min <br />Easy
Pine Trail0.0843 mi0.136 km <br />Kingsport0.167 Hours0.0104 Days <br />10 Min <br />Easy
Point Lookout Trail1.9 mi3.058 km <br />Morristown1.5 Hours0.0938 Days <br />90 Min <br />Medium
Pretty Ridge Trail1.716 mi2.762 km <br />Kingsport1.5 Hours0.0938 Days <br />90 Min <br />Hard
Raider's Run Trail0.9 mi1.448 km <br />Marion0.5 Hours0.0313 Days <br />30 Min <br />Medium
Rattlesnake Ridge3.524 mi5.671 km <br />Erwin6 Hours0.375 Days <br />360 Min <br />Hard
Raven Rock0.965 mi1.553 km <br />Roan Mountain1 Hours0.0625 Days <br />60 Min <br />Medium
Ridge Crest Trail0.7 mi1.127 km <br />Morristown1 Hours0.0625 Days <br />60 Min <br />Medium
Ridge Top (Roan Mountain State Park)0.229 mi0.368 km <br />Roan Mountain0.5 Hours0.0313 Days <br />30 Min <br />Easy
Ridge Top (Warriors Path State Park)0.48 mi0.772 km <br />Kingsport0.5 Hours0.0313 Days <br />30 Min <br />Hard
River Mountain Road3.205 mi5.158 km <br />Kingsport1 Hours0.0625 Days <br />60 Min <br />Medium
Riverbank0.24 mi0.386 km <br />Kingsport0.25 Hours0.0156 Days <br />15 Min <br />Easy
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