Margarette Falls

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Margarette falls 01.jpg
Trail Name Margarette Falls
Nearest City Greeneville
State Tennessee
Trail Marking Blue Blaze
Trail Use/Features Dnr hiking.png Dnr waterfall.png Dnr dog.png
Difficulty Rating Medium
Hiking Time 3 Hours
180 Min
Distance, round-trip 1.3
1.3 Mi
2.092 km
Climb/Descent Elevation 897
897 Feet
273.406 Meters
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High Point 2600
2,600 Feet
866.667 Yards
Nearest Medical Greeneville, TN
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Trail Overview[edit]

Nice fairly short trail to a nice cascading falls, that in the winter can ice over very well.

How to get there[edit]

From Johnson City, TN

  1. Turn onto Cherokee Road, TN 67.
  2. In about 10 miles, turn left onto TN 81 (toward Erwin).
  3. On Tenn. 81, drive 0.8 miles (cross Nolichucky River).
  4. Turn right on TN 107 west (toward Tusculum).
  5. Drive 13.8 miles from TN 81/107 junction.
  6. Turn left toward USFS Horse Creek Recreation Area (sign).
  7. Proceed 0.8 miles.
  8. Turn right (sign -Horse Creek, Old Forge).
  9. Almost immediately (0.1 miles) turn right onto Union Chapel Road.
  10. Then after 0.2 miles, turn left onto Greene Ridge Road.
  11. After 0.6 miles turn left onto Greystone Road. Stay on most used route on narrow, winding road.
  12. At about 3.2 miles, turn left onto Shelton Mission Church Road (sign to church).
  13. Proceed 2.2 miles on Shelton Mission Chuch Road (pass church, cross bridge), and reach gravel road (USFS sign to Bullen Hollow and Margarette Falls Trails).
  14. Turn left and drive on rough road for 0.5 miles to turnaround and parking area.

Route Description[edit]

Hike 0.6 miles up the Bullen Hollow Trail (blue blaze). The Margarette Falls Trail (FS #189) is apparently the second blazed trail off of Bullen Hollow Trail (do not ford main creek). It takes the right fork of the creek and the falls are about 0.75 miles from Bullen Trail intersection with several fords on this trail.

Do not follow the yellow blazes as those are for a very steep off-road vehicle trail to the top of Camp Creek Bald.

Miles Elevation Margarette Falls Trail
0.0 1900 Trailhead
0.6 2100 Fork for Bullen Hollow Trail
0.85 2300 Bridge
1.65 2600 Margarette Falls

Typical Conditions[edit]

Trail improvements have installed three bridges, thus leaving just one creek crossing. The path is rough with lots of large boulders.

Fees, Permits, etc.[edit]

None needed.

After the Hike[edit]

Misc. Information[edit]

Greeneville Hiking Club has an excellent description of the trail. [1] They also have an extension on this hike up to Bailey Falls, which is another 1/3rd of a mile, but involves a difficult wall climb to the right of Margarette Falls. [2]


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