New Rental Equipment: HT-7 Kelty TraiLogic TN2

Submitted by Vic Hasler based on website post by Terry Dougherty, Rental Equipment Coordinator (

HT7 Kelty TraiLogic TN2 tentThe well-worn two-person REI Half Dome tent (probably from 1999) was replaced in May 2014 with a greatly updated Kelty TraiLogic TN2. Its novel feature is the “stargazing” fly which rolls back for unobstructed nighttime views, but deploys cover easily without exiting the shelter in case the weather changes. The new tent is about a pound lighter at 4 lb, 13 oz, and six inches narrower, but has two vestibules to stash gear under the fly. It packs into a tight 14” x 11” x 3” box shape. It was purchased for just under $240 from Mahoney’s.

HT7 Kelty TraiLogic TN2 footprintHT7 Kelty TraiLogic TN2 packed

New TEHCC Rental Equipment: Big Agnes Seedhouse SL1 (HT-18)

Submitted by Vic Hasler, Rental Equipment Coordinator

After a couple of decades of use, the HT-18 Slumberjack Bivy was showing signs of losing its weather resistance.  TEHCC has purchased a Big Agnes Seedhouse SL1 as its replacement.  The Big Agnes is primarily a one-person tent with much better ventilation at a similar packed weight (2 lbs, 6 oz).  This one-person tent offers 22 sq ft of floor space, with a length of 90” and width of 43” at front narrowing to 31” at back – plenty for a sleeping pad.  Reviews indicate that the 38” head height may not be enough for taller folks to completely sit up, but it’s good for most.  There is a 5 sq ft vestibule to stash the backpack and footwear.  The entire tent bundle rolls down into a 14” x 4” bag.  It comes with its own set of 11 lightweight stakes, which need to be shown upon return to Bldg 310, but kept with the tent – unlike our standard stake policy.

Rental rate is “B” ($5/weekend, $7/week).  It’s on the shelf, ready to go backpacking…