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I updated a good amount of content during the month of October, including Rogers Ridge Horse Trail, Bays Mountain, and Warriors’ Path State Park . It’s becoming too much work to go out hiking! As for the inner workings, I’ve turned back on anonymous edits and user account creation. It’s working great to stop the vandals, but still no new editors have been contributing. I’ve also started a concept of “hike plans.” These will be pages that assemble a collection of trail hikes into a single plan. Bays Mountain and their network of trails are prime examples of needing hike plans. An 11 miles tour of structures within the park is an early example. I call it the Bays Mountain Structure Tour and will lead this hike as part of the fall Expo.

Speaking of contributing, it is a wiki and, yes, we would love your help. We have documented 168 trails, some with little more than just their trail name, and I know there are many more within a 2-4hr drive that we haven’t even listed yet. Although I promise that wiki editing is easy and that you can’t permanently mess it up (all edits are saved, past versions can be reviewed, and edits can always be undone), you can always email me at with any desired corrections. But get in there, try out wiki editing, and help make this site the resource to find out about great hikes in our area.

The week ahead – The club Expo!

We’re on the home stretch to our Fall Expo. All are welcome, members or prospective customers. The only charged event is the chili cook off with food, drinks, and desserts.

  • 8:30a – two hikes to pick from, a Bays Mountain cross-park hike, and a Bays tour of the structures within
  • 1pm – a paddling trip on the North Fork Holston River
  • 3pm – Vendor displays and topic tables for discussion
  • 5pm – “Happy Trails”/”Reception” portion
  • 5:30pm – Dinner
  • 7pm – Club business, awards, conclusion

Fun Fest Moonlight Hike – Call For Volunteers

Scheduled for Thursday, July 16, 2015

TEHCC will once again co-sponsor the Kingsport Fun Fest Moonlight Hike at Bays Mountain Park on Thursday, July 16th.  The hike traverses 2.5 miles around the lake.  We need at least twelve volunteers to help ensure the walkers stay on the right path at assigned intersections.  Bonus is that you don’t have to have one of the 350 “golden” FunFest tickets for the event!  If you are interested in assisting with this event or have any questions, please contact William Werner (423-408-4469).

More details will be later provided to the actual volunteers, including when/where to meet and what to bring.

Trip Report – Bays Mountain Bays Ridge Loop

Tim McClain reporting
Hike date: August 17th

Another in the TEHCC Sunday Hike series, on August 17th the featured hike was in Kingsport at Bays Mountain. The Bays Ridge Loop covers about 5.3 miles to the southwestern side of the park and back. Weather was warm but rain free for a pleasureable Sunday outing. Enjoying this hike were Peggy McClain and Tim McClain.

Fun Fest 2013

TEHCC is sponsoring two FunFest events this year.

Tuesday, July 16 – Jay Erskine Leutz presents “Stand Up That Mountain: The Battle to Save One Small Community in the Wilderness Along the Appalachian Trail”  at 6:30pm, Kingsport Higher Education Center Auditorium (300 W. Market Street).  Jay will discuss the effort (as told in his book) about preserving Belview Mountain, a towering peak along the AT over in North Carolina, from destructive mining.

Thursday, July 18 – Moonlight Hike at Bays Mountain Park.  ****CANCELLED****  Park reports significant damage from yesterday’s cloudburst, thus decision was made at 3:30PM.

This popular event attracts 400-600 participants each year.  The hike traverses 2.5 miles around the lake on Lakeside and Holly Trails.  It kicks off at 8:00PM from the dam near the visitors center. Arrive early as parking has been an issue with shuttle buses now running from the Eastman lodge parking lot. Bring your own flashlight/head​lamp, water, and insect repellant. Hike ends with a headcount back at the visitors center by 10PM.

We need at least twelve volunteers to assist the Bays Mountain Park Association with this event.  The responsibilities are minimal – show up 30 minutes early (7:30 pm), stand at a trail junction with a flashlight or headlamp and help make sure nobody gets lost.  Contact Marc Schurger if interested, 423-229-5921.

F/B: Bays Mountain Park Antenna, Trip Report

Barry Griggs reporting
Event Date May 27

The warm sun filtered through the trees as our dedicated group of hikers made its way along this relatively easy 4.85-mile round-trip hike.  Our hike started at the Bays Mountain Nature Center and ended with an overview of Kingsport from the antennas atop the mountain.  We could identify places like Church Circle and Holston Valley Medical Center and of course, the Big “E.”  After a brief rest and snack on top, my five-year-old assistant hike leader, helped me lead the group back with a stopover at the animal pens.  Hikers were:  Serita Blankenbecler, Sharon Burnette and granddaughter Kayden, Beverly Griggs, Barry Griggs.

F/B: Bays Mountain Park – Leader’s Choice to Antennas – Sunday, May 27, 2012

Leader: Barry Griggs (423-239-5676)

Rating:  Easy 4-5 mile hike with ~400 ft elevation change

You’ve seen them from Kingsport – the antennas up on Bays Mountain.  Now imagine the view of looking back down into the city.  It’s leader’s choice of which trails to take based on the group.  Possible routes could involve Bays Mountain Road, Azalea Trail, Lake Road, and/or the new Chestnut Trail.  Meet at 1:30 PM in Bays Mountain Park ($4 entrance fee) near the front entrance to the Nature Center.  We should be done by 4:30 PM, leaving time for further park enjoyment before the park closes at 8:00 PM.  For more information, check the club’s trail wiki or call the hike leader.

New Chestnut Trail at Bays Mountain Park

Vic Hasler reporting

A new single track trail for beginning mountain bikers at Bays Mountain Park has been designed and constructed by Northeast Tennessee Mountain Bike Association.  While no trail signage or blazes exist yet, the designated “Chestnut Trail” is an easy 1.1 mile path running straight through the hardwood forest along the 1900 foot contour from Bays Mountain Road at the gate by the maintenance shop over to the Azalea Trail.   For a longer (~5 mile) loop hike/ride, take Chestnut Trail from the gate, then head up Azalea Trail to Big Oak Trail, down to Chinquapin Trail, and finally back on Lake Road.  Details for the new Chestnut Trail can be found on the [[BMP Chestnut Trail|trail wiki]].

Fun Fest 2011 Moon Light Hike at Bays Mountain Park

Ian A. Powell Reporting

TEHCC needs your help. On Thursday July 21 the club is co-sponsoring a moon light hike at Bays Mountain Park. For those who haven’t attended or volunteered, it’s a fun 2.4 mile hike along [[BMP Lakeside Trail|Lakeside Trail]]. It kicks off at 8 o’clock and goes to about 10 PM. Previous community attendance has been in the 200’s.  The club needs people to help with head count and to help guide attendees through trail intersections. Volunteers should meet on the end of the dam closest to the visitors center at 7:30 PM. All that volunteers need to bring are a flashlight and insect repellant.  Please contact Tom Boyd at or call 229-1395 if you would like to volunteer/help with the event. Please contact Tom if you plan to help out so that we can ensure we have enough people to support the event. Hope to see you there.