Explore the Holston River series – Wadlow Gap to Weber City, June 18

Deb Reynolds reporting

The flat water series continued on 6/18 with a new section for me and most others.  We had a large group of eight folks who were looking for a relaxing paddle and new territory.  Jamie and Eric decided to go upriver a bit as we only expected to cover two miles today and they added on a mile or so.  The rest of us cruised on down to Weber City counting the times that I got stuck on the shoals.  The river was lower today with quite a few shoals.  I managed to show everyone how not to go down on the river.  I did triumph at the end, as I was the only one in the front group not to get stuck on the last set of shoals, but only because Kent went first to show me where not to go.  The river today was exceptionally clean and very very private.  Just like last time, we had a protective blue heron that flew ahead of us, waiting patiently for us to catch up before starting off again.  We just barely made it off the river before the thunder started.  I think Jamie and I were the only ones who were still strapping our kayaks on the cars when the sky opened up. Continue reading “Explore the Holston River series – Wadlow Gap to Weber City, June 18”

Exploring the Holston, May 28

Deb Reynolds reporting

Memorial weekend was hot, but mid-day Saturday, the North Fork of the Holston River was calm, cool, and secluded, yet close to home.  We had 4 women for this trip, 2 of whom have never paddled before on their own.  The river is very quiet on this section with farmland, forest and some residential homes.  We saw more blue herons and large turtles than I have seen anywhere else and we were even paddling with the cows that had come down to drink and cool off.  There were trees for most of the section to provide shade with a nice breeze.  The water had a few shoals, but nothing more than a class I, if even that.  We had a short stop for a snack and were off the river in 2 hours with plans for all 4 of us to paddle together again.  I followed up with another paddle on the same section on Memorial Day; the river level had dropped about a foot in 2 days.  We had a few more shoals and dragged bottom a few times.  I would not recommend a composite material kayak at a lower level than this.  The drive for the shuttle was remarkably short and I will be doing this section quite often due to the location and scenery.  I can’t wait for the next sections of the Holston River to explore!   (Attending: Deb, Jaime, Dianne and Sarah on Day 1; Deb and Paul on Day 2).

Explore the Holston River (Flat-Water Series), June 18

Contact:  Deb Reynolds

Several Saturday events are scheduled this summer to explore the local Holston River including the North and South Fork.  Most of these events will require a car shuttle, so advance notice is required for planning purposes.  The trip length will vary but will normally be between 2 and 4 hours.  A lunch or snack will be desired.  Fishing and bird watching are options as we will not be racing to see how quick we can get to the end.  Bring a friend, a pole or camera, and an attitude for exploring.  PFD’s are required.  Email Deb Reynolds at dlreynolds@eastman.com

The Week Ahead – May 23rd

Yet another week and we have you covered on all fronts. Hiking, flat water paddling, rapids paddling, and backpacking trips abound! Have a great Memorial Weekend.

  • 4 days of backpacking in the Smokies
  • Annual Bluestone River trip (camp and CL I-III paddling)
  • Flat water day trip exploring the Holston River
  • Buffalo Mountain Park Day

As usual check our schedule for the details.

The Week Ahead – May 9th

Wow! Do we have you covered this weekend! Take your pick. Whitewater or flatwater paddling, the infamous Damascus Hard Core, or the always reliable Collins Chew and his Friday Hikers. Check out the schedule for all of the details.

  • 2011 Nolichucky Hometown Throwdown Event
  • Moonlight paddle on South Holston or Watauga Lake
  • Friday Hikers
  • Damascus Hard Core 2011 – Look for me here!