Big Agnes Seedhouse SL1 HT-18

ID Size (Person) Weight Stakes Rental Rate
HT-18 1 2 lb 6 oz 11 B

More Information

After a couple of decades of use, the HT-18 Slumberjack Bivy was showing signs of losing its weather resistance. TEHCC has purchased a Big Agnes Seedhouse SL1 as its replacement – primarily being a one-person tent with much better ventilation at a similar packed weight.

Remembering that it replaced a bivy, this one-person tent offers 22 sq ft of floor space being 90” length with 43” width at front narrowing to 31” at back – plenty for a sleeping pad. Reviews indicate that the 38” head height may not be enough for taller folks to completely sit up, but good for most. There is a 5 sq ft vestibule to stash the backpack and footwear. The entire tent bundle rolls down into a 14”x4” bag.

This tent comes with its own set of 11 lightweight stakes which need to be shown upon return to Bldg 310, but kept with the tent – unlike our standard stake policy.