Norovirus (Stomach Bug) Information – 2016

July Update:  Reports have been received of half dozen hikers being ill with source possible in the area around Nolichucky River, Curley Maple Gap Shelter, and Cherry Gap Shelter with the results showing in the Roans.  Don’t lay food directly on open surfaces – and follow proper sanitation to avoid adding to this number!

Prevent outbreaks of norovirus (or even passing around a stomach bug) at campsites/shelters along the Appalachian Trail. Proper hygiene — especially hand washing with soap and water — is key to preventing the spread of the disease. (Hand sanitizers may not be effective against norovirus; however, vigorous rubbing of applied sanitizer has been reported to improve performance.) Also, be aware that most water filters do not filter viruses.

Please be informed! Read the following information carefully.
Prevent Norovirus 2015

From the Chair – July

Ian Powell, Steering Committee Chair

I hope everyone is having a nice summer.  It’s been a little rainy, but some really nice weekends none the less.  I wanted to take a second and just remind everyone to be safe.  On the trail and on the water, your environment can change quickly.  Lightning storms have been abundant this season and can be very dangerous.  In 2010 there were 29 lightning fatalities in the USA and for 2011 there are already 6.  If you are outside on the trail or on the water during a storm, it is important to take appropriate actions to minimize the chance of being struck by lightning.  Another summer safety concern is drowning.  In 2007, 3939 fatal, unintentional drownings took place in the United States.  We are blessed to have a number of lakes for recreational use in our area. Please be safe when you are on the water and look out for the person next to you.  Make sure you know what the tell-tale signs of a drowning victim are.  They won’t be flailing around and screaming more than likely.  If you haven’t had a CPR course in a while, it may be time to refresh your training.  I hope everyone enjoys an accident free summer, but it is better to be prepared than to be sorry.