F/B: Bays Mountain Park – Leader’s Choice to Antennas – Sunday, May 27, 2012

Leader: Barry Griggs (423-239-5676)

Rating:  Easy 4-5 mile hike with ~400 ft elevation change

You’ve seen them from Kingsport – the antennas up on Bays Mountain.  Now imagine the view of looking back down into the city.  It’s leader’s choice of which trails to take based on the group.  Possible routes could involve Bays Mountain Road, Azalea Trail, Lake Road, and/or the new Chestnut Trail.  Meet at 1:30 PM in Bays Mountain Park ($4 entrance fee) near the front entrance to the Nature Center.  We should be done by 4:30 PM, leaving time for further park enjoyment before the park closes at 8:00 PM.  For more information, check the club’s trail wiki or call the hike leader.