Mt. LeConte Lodge, Trip Report

Vic Hasler Reporting

This year’s reservation was split into two hiking pairs.  Clark and Vic Hasler headed up Rainbow Falls Trail, while Steven Clark and Lindsey Renfro took the Alum Cave Trail up.  (Note:  The lodge register indicates that 90+% use this latter route.)  Clark Hasler had an up-close view of a bear which crossed the trail.  The clear and sunny day was 20oF cooler up on top, so a pleasant 50-70s versus the heat wave below.  Both groups arrived by early afternoon, thus time for naps and/or exploring.  After a rosy sunset, those in the office building were entertained by an informal bluegrass gig, playing in the light of kerosene lanterns, consisting of two guitars, a harmonica, and percussion using a plastic storage tub.  The morning had a crisp sunrise for any eyes that were open.  After breakfast, the two hiking pairs headed down with the Haslers taking the lesser used Bull Head Trail (only meeting two folks along the way).