Friday Hikers: AT – Chestoa to Curley Maple Gap Shelter, Trip Report

Bob Harvey reporting

Event Date: March 30th

The hike of March 30 was on the Appalachian Trail from Chestoa to the shelter near Curley Maple Gap, where we ate lunch, and then returned to Chestoa.

This hike was one that had been planned for quite a while, but postponed either to bad weather or to expected bad weather. This time, though, we could hardly have had it any better. Spring flowers were making their appearances and the trail was in perfect condition.  Ordinarily, the northbound through-hikers get to Erwin and vicinity about this time of the year, but we saw only two, both from Destin, Florida.  The hikers were Olin Babb, Bob Harvey, Jerry Jones, Susie Seiler, Jerry Sluder and Lowell Toof.