Friday Hikers: GSMNP – Porters Creek Trail, April 22

Collins Chew reporting

We had a day of glorious wildflowers on the Porters Creek Trail in the Smokies.  Jerry Jones did great in recommending it.  The weatherman blew it again as we had only a sprinkling of rain at the Kingsport meeting place and none in the Smokies.  It was sunny in the afternoon.  We had almost continuous wildflowers of many varieties almost all the way, including the showiest orchids I have ever seen.  There were a great number of other hikers enjoying the flowers as well.  I hope to make a list of flowers for those who were there and any others who request it.  Hikers were: Olin Babb, first timer Wilford Corbin, Bob Harvey, Jerry Jones, Jerry Sluder, Deb and Eric Vrshansky, and Collins Chew.