Clinch River – Trip Report

Deb Reynolds reporting
Event Date: August 8th

I took advantage of one of the guided tours for the Highland Festivals to take a trip on the Clinch.  The trip was led by Clinch Valley Outfitters.  Although, I used my own kayak, I wish I had paid the extra $5 and used their equipment – less work getting there and getting out.  I was impressed with the selection and quality of their kayaks.  The river was high that day and very few rocks except at the put-in which was close to Fort Blackmore.  We stopped several times for Bill to talk about how the diversity of the eco-system or specific historical events with an opportunity to get out and walk a bit if needed. Bill was raised in Scott County and loves sharing his knowledge of the ecosystem and the history surrounding the Clinch Valley.  We saw several blue and green heron as well as the usual geese but not as many birds as I expected.  As usual, the end of the trip came too fast and we were soon climbing out of the kayaks for the trip back.  The trip out was quite a long haul up a mountain and probably required a 4-wheel or all-wheel drive, but we didn’t have to drive it!  We came out on Rt. 72 just a short distance from where we went down for the put-in with the Veterans Memorial in between.  I was very impressed with this outfitter and will keep them in mind for a future shuttle.