Note: Only Eastman employees and retirees can rent equipment.

Table of contents:
Renting Guidelines and Details
Renting Rates
Tents and Tarps
Pack Covers
Sleeping Pads and Mats
Hiking Accessories
Canoe Items

Rental Guidelines and Details

The TEHCC has successfully provided rental equipment to its members for many years. TEHCC encourages its members to make use of the available equipment by keeping rental rates very reasonable and periodically updating the equipment selection. Information on the rules that govern the TEHCC Rental Policy as well as a description of the available equipment are given below. If you need further information, contact Eastman Recreation (423-229-3771) or

I. General Rules and Instructions

1. Tents

Keep in mind that our tents were purchased for lightweight travel and backcountry use. They are the same quality tents that you and I would purchase at a backpacking store and, although they are tough, most are not the heavy duty styles that many commercial renters use. Help us keep them in good shape for the next renter by not abusing them. For example, use a ground cloth under the tent on rough or rocky ground. Be certain that the equipment is accounted for BEFORE going on your trip (for example, count the number of tent stakes). We must charge a replacement fee for equipment that is not returned — even for tent stakes.

2. All Equipment

It is the responsibility of the RENTER to take reasonable care of the rental equipment. This includes returning the tents, backpacks and pads in CLEAN condition. Renters should thoroughly check-out all equipment prior to use to ensure that everything is in proper working order. If any equipment malfunctions during use (like a leak in a tent, or a zipper off a track, or a broken strap or belt) be sure to notify an ERC Representative when you bring the equipment back so that it may be fixed. You will not be held accountable for normal wear and tear of the equipment. Nor will you be held accountable for malfunctioning equipment. You will be held accountable for returning the equipment CLEAN and DRY. Normally this means airing a tent out until it is dry, and/or brushing off dirt and debris. If you experience unusually wet conditions and are unable to dry out a tent in your reserved time frame, contact an ERC representative in B-310 Store so that arrangements can be made for you to dry the tent and they can contact the person who has reserved the tent next so that an alternate tent may be chosen. You will not be charged for the additional time to dry the tent. Additionally it is very important when renting more than one tent, that you return each tent with the correct tent poles.

Please try to return the rental equipment in a condition that you would like to see it in when you pick it up.

When renting TEHCC Equipment you will be required to fill out a reservation and agreement form. This form not only holds your reservation but also holds you responsible for the equipment while it is in your possession. Please read it carefully before leaving B-310.

3. Equipment Instructions

Instructions for tent assembly are available at the B310 Recreation Store and on-line with some of the links to the equipment descriptions below.  It is recommended that you first set up the tent at home to become familiar with it.

4. New Equipment

The revenue generated by your rental fees is returned by Recreation to the club.  It is used  to repair the existing equipment, replace old items, or purchase new pieces.  The Hiking Club Rental Equipment is for the use of Hiking Club members. If any of you have ideas on equipment that you might like to have made available, please contact the rental equipment coordinator.  (Sleeping bags are not offered due to inability to their ensure cleanliness.)

5. Who may rent equipment?

In order to take advantage of the TEHCC Rental Equipment, you MUST meet the following requirements:

  • You must be a member of Eastman Recreation Club.
  • You must be a member of the TEHCC.

Your ERC Pass denotes that you are a member of the Hiking and Canoeing Club. Contact the Eastman Recreation Office (229-3771) for more information, or ask at the ERC Front Desk.

II. ERC Hiking/Canoeing Club Rental Equipment

The equipment list below is located in the B310 Recreation Office. You may reserve equipment 30 days in advance by calling 229-3771. Tent rentals are limited to two per family, and backpacks are limited to one per family member, per outing. An ERC/TEHCC member is the only person that may reserve, pick-up, and return the rental equipment. When reserving equipment, please use the ID number indicated to the left of the equipment listed below.  If the description shows “**OUT OF ORDER**”, the item needs repair and is not being rented at this time.

Below is a listing of the available equipment.  Click on the ID number to see more specific details.  A selection guide has been created for the tents to help you choose an appropriate one for your outing. If you need additional recommendations on gear for a trip, contact a TEHCC Steering Committee Member.

Rental Rates
Rate 1-4 Days 5-10 Days
A $8.00 $10.00
B $5.00 $7.00
C $2.00 $3.00
D $4.00 $6.00
E $1.00 $1.00
Tents and Tarps
Selection Guide for 1-3 People
Selection Guide for 4-6 People
ID Number Size
Weight Description Stakes Rate
HT-1 1 3 lb 5 oz Hennessy Expedition Asym Hammock, Black 4 A
HT-2 3 8 lb 3 oz MSR Mutha Hubba, 2 Doors, Orange/Red 11 A
HT-3 4 8 lb 13 oz Eureka Timberline, 2 Doors, Green 8 B
HT-4 4 8 lb 13 oz Eureka Timberline, 2 Doors, Green 8 B
HT-5 4 9 lb 7 oz Eureka Timberline w/ Vestibule, 2 Doors, Green 10 B
HT-6 2 5 lb 12 oz REI Half Dome 2. Gray/Yellow 6 A
HT-7 2 4 lb 13 oz Kelty TraiLogic TN2. Grey/Green 10 B
HT-8 2 7 lb 14 oz Eureka Timberline with Vestibule. Green 10 B
HT-11 1 1 lb 10 oz Tarptent Contrail Ultralight Shelter, Grey 4 A
HT-12 Tarp 1 lb 8 oz Dining Fly or Shelter.10′ x 10′ with 21 Ties. Green 4 C
HT-15 6 20 lb 3 oz REI Hobitat 6. Sage/Earth/Orange. 8 A
HT-18 1 2 lb 6 oz Big Agnes Seedhouse SL1/Titanium Green 6 B
HT-19 2 4 lb 4 oz North Face Lunar Light with rainfly Aqua/Gray 3 A
HT-20 2 3 lb 12 oz North Face Lightspeed with rainfly. Aqua/Gray 2 A
HT-21 6 31 lb ALPS Mountaineering Sundance 6. Clay/Green 8 A
HT-24 4 8 lb 4 oz Eureka Backcountry 4 Loden/Clay/White 6 A
HT-25 4 8 lb 4 oz Eureka Backcountry 4 Loden/Clay/White 6 A
HT-26 6 19 lb 12 oz REI Kingdom 6. Sage/Platinum 8 A
HT-27 6 21 lb 11 oz ALPS Mountaineering Camp Creek 6. Brown/Lt Green/Orange 10 A
ID Number Size (in3) Torso Fit (in) Frame Style Weight Description Rate
HB-1 ~6000 16-21 Ext ~5 lb Diamond Brand, Black C
HB-2 4000 16-21 Int 4 lb 10 oz Kelty Tornado, Reflex Blue D
HB-12 3000 ? Ext 5 lb 3 oz Camp Trails Night Song, Women’s, Emerald/Amethyst D
HB-18 3210 15-23 Ext 4 lb 10 oz Kelty Trekker, Charcoal/Blue D
HB-27 3,234 16-18 Int 3 lb 9 oz Gregory Jade 53 Women’s A
HB-28 5500 16-21 Int 6 lb 12 oz Kelty Slickrock, Blue/Black D
HB-29 3100 18-21 Int 4 lb 8 oz Marmot Femme Nikita 50, Women’s, Orange/Grey D
HB-30 500 15-22 7 lb 1 oz Kelty Journey Child Carrier with Sun/Rain Hood, Cobalt B
HB-31 3960 14-22 Int 5 lb 6 oz Vaude Accept 55+10, Steel Blue B
HB-32 3960 14-22 Int 5 lb 6 oz Vaude Accept 55+10, Steel Blue B
HB-33 3100 19.5-21.5 Int 2 lb 10 oz Gregory G-pack, Steel Blue A
HB-34 3965 15-22 Int 4 lb 10 oz Deuter Futura Vario 50+10, Steel/Navy A
HB-35 3360 14-18 Int 3 lb 2 oz Granite Gear Escape AC 60, Purple/Lt Blue A
HB-36 3360 16-21 Int 4 lb 15 oz Mountainsmith Apex 60, Anvil Grey A
HB-37 2,746 25-53 Int 2 lb 13 oz Gregory Stout 45 Backpack A
Pack Covers
ID Number Description Rate
HR-1 Kelty Pack Raincover for 3000+, cu. in Pack, Black E
HR-2 Kelty Pack Raincover for 3000+, cu. in Pack, Black E
HR-3 Kelty Pack Raincover for 3000+, cu. in Pack, Black E
Sleeping Pads and Mats
ID Number Flat
(L x T inches)
Packed (inches) Weight* (pounds) Description Rate
HP-1 48 x 1 21″ x 4″ dia. 1.40 Therm-a-Rest Ultralight Mat, Green/Rust C
HP-2 72 x ¾ 20″ x 5″ x 5″ 1.00 Therm-a-Rest Z Lite Pad, Coyote/Grey C
HP-3 72 x ¾ 20″ x 5″ x 5″ 1.00 Therm-a-Rest Z Lite Pad, Limon C
HP-4 72 x 1 11″ x 5″ dia. 1.35 Therm-a-Rest ProLite 3 Mat, Orange D
HP-5 78 x 2.5 4.5″ x 8″ dia. 1.60 Big Agnes Air Core Mat, Brick Red D
HP-6 72 x 1 20″ x 5″x 5″ 1.10 Z-Rest Folding Pad, Green C
HP-7 72 x 1½ 10.5″ x 6″ dia. 1.65 Therm-a-Rest ProLite 4 Mat, Orange D
HP-8 72 x ¾ 21″ x 6″ dia. 2.45 Therm-a-Rest Mat, Orange C
HP-9 47 x 1½ 21″ x 4.5″ dia. 1.45 Therm-a-Rest Mat, Green/Mauve C
Pad = compact foam pad, Mat = inflated mattress     All are 20″ wide flat.                                                 Weight (per postal scale) and packed size as measured with carrying bag.
Hiking Accessories
ID Number Description Rate
HA-1 Leki Cristallo AntiShock Trekking Poles (27-53 inches) D
HA-2 Day Hiker First Aid Kit (7 oz) Free for Hikes
HA-3 SteriPEN Freedom Portable UV Water Sterilizer D
HA-4 MSR PocketRocket backpacking stove – must provide own fuel C
HA-5 BearVault Solo bear resistant food container (2 lb 1 oz, 440 cu in) D
HA-6 BearVault Solo bear resistant food container (2 lb 1 oz, 440 cu in) D
HA-7 Black Diamond Trail Pro Shock Trekking Poles D
HA-8 Foxelli Carbon Fiber Trekking Poles D
Canoe Items
ID Number Description Rate
HC-30 Styrofoam Cartop Carrier C
HC-31 Res-Q-Rope in a bag no charge
HC-32 River Rescue Kit (for boat or raft) no charge