Gregory G-pack HB-33

ID Size (in3) Torso Fit (in) Frame Style Weight Rental Rate
HB-33 3100 19.5-21.5 Internal 2 lb, 10 oz A

More Information

A grab at the 2011 Gear Swap – $25 for like-new $149 list price. And now the club’s lightest backpack at 2 Lb, 10 oz for 3100 cubic inches or up to 25-30 pounds. It is the large frame which fits a 19.5-21.5” torso size.

Pack is made of strong, but light, silicone-impregnated fabric, which can handle our region’s normal trail conditions. Warning: Based on actual reported experience, do not lift by just a shoulder strap when loaded! The backpack has a large central core area with full outer mesh pocket and a lid bag. Compression sacks would be great packing aid to minimize volume.

The challenge is to have your gear down to within its capacity. Check by seeing if everything (tent, sleeping bag, mat, clothes, cookware, food, etc.) can fit into just one and half photocopy paper boxes, and then weighs less than 30 pounds total on the home scales. If yes, then this pack is your light-weight option for an overnighter trip.