REI Kingdom 6 HT-26

ID Size (Person) Weight Stakes Rental Rate
HT-26 6 19 lb 12 oz 8 A

More Information

HT-26 is a REI Kingdom 6 tent purchased from REI (Asheville) for $528. It’s definitely a campground tent weighing just less than 20 pounds. The hoop design with vertical ends gives a 6’, 3” peak height to stand up. A central divider creates two rooms of which one can become a screen room when the fly is rolled up or removed. Set-up will take two folks about 10-15 minutes, but is reported to be easier that the Hobitat tests (HT-15 and 21). The club did purchase the fitted footprint to protect the bottom of the tent. Also get at least eight heavy duty stakes required to line out the tent in case of wind.