Granite Gear Escape AC60 Backpack HB-35

ID Size (in3) Torso Fit (in) Frame Style Weight Rental Rate
HB-35 3660 18-22 Internal 3 lb, 2 oz A

More Information

Back at the Fall 2015 dinner meeting, a new backpack was donated to the club. While the Escape model appears to have been discontinued by Granite Gear (closeout price of $162), this women’s medium size pack was a great addition to the rental pool. The vendor described it as an ultralight top loader with a floating lid, bottle holsters and a mammoth stretch woven pocket. New Air Current Frame (A.C.) features adjustable torso length and allows air-flow through engineering channels.

The medium hip belt and shoulder straps fit an 18-22’ torso. The adjustment for torso length is made by unhooking the shoulder strap from one slot and hooking it into another slot. Reportedly easier said than done without instructions, so check the internet.