Camp Trails Night Song HB-12

ID Size (in3) Torso Fit (in) Frame Style Weight Rental Rate
HB-12 3000 uncertain Internal 5 lb, 5 oz D

More Information

HB-12 is one of the older backpacks owned by the club (probably from the early 1990s), but with limited recent usage, it remains in great shape. Offers the benefits of an external frame in being cooler by not riding right on one’s back and organizational with four side pockets around the central compartment.

A 1991 Backpacker magazine review stated that the Camp Trails Night Song was probably best for a smaller women (5’4” or less) carrying up to a medium load.

Per Camp Trails: Designed especially for women by a woman, the Night Song External is designed to fit a woman’s anatomy with more curve in the frame at the hips and a proportioned hip belt and shoulder straps. This pack rides naturally over a woman’s lower center of gravity. The top loading main compartment and bottom panel opening gives you easy access and organization. Four pockets allow for greater organization and storage. Lash-on points on the front along with the bungee cord lash-on system make it easy to carry light, bulky gear. Quick-release vertical compression straps let you stabilize the load top to bottom, while the spindrift collar allows you to over-stuff the pack.