Tarptent Contrail Ultralight Shelter HT-11

ID Size (Person) Weight Stakes Rental Rate
HT-11 1 1 lb 10 oz 4 A


More Information

To expand its range of equipment, TEHCC purchased an ultralight 1.5 pound one-person shelter.  Tarptent Contrail Ultralight Shelter was a top item in the Backpacker Magazine 2009 Buyer’s Guide.  The desire was to give solo backpackers a chance to check out this style of tent before making their own investment.  (List price is $199 at

With experience, the nylon shelter is set up in less than a couple of minutes to give roughly 6’x3’ floor space.  It is held up in the front with a trekking pole or use the thin pole purchased with the tent.  Not free-standing, thus requires four stakes to hold out the corners.  Many adjustments possible to get the preferred degree of openness and stability against wind.  A Tyvek™ groundsheet was purchased to protect the floor. The entire bundle rolls down into a 14”x4” bag.

Please be careful with this ultralight tent.  It should quickly dry out if hung up.  Please keep the tent stakes out when returning to Building 310 so that they can be counted.