Hike Report – Purchase Ridge at Natural Tunnel

Tim Schaefer Reporting
Hike Date: 12/13/2015

The Zimmerman family joined us for this 3.26mi hike on [[NTSP Purchase Ridge Trail|Purchase Ridge Trail]] at [[Natural Tunnel State Park]]. It was a great late fall day and fun was had by all. The trails were in good shape and the views of the tunnel were fairly clear to see with the absence of foliage. As luck would have it, shortly after starting our return we hear a train whistle in the distance. The trail head is a little hard to find with no clear parking area near by but the detail on the wiki was good enough to get us to find it. Since the campground was closed we parked at the camp store, but it’s not clear where you would park in the summer months. Having fun was the Schaefer Family (Tim, Carrie, Jamie, Bob, Josie and dogs Zoinks! and Beetle) and the Zimmerman Family (Yuyan and Frankie).

purchase ridge