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A common question we hear is "What are your favorite hikes in the region?" so below are our top recommendations within different hiking objectives.

Day hike (non-AT)[edit]

Day hike (AT)[edit]

Family/Beginner hike[edit]

See also the Easy Category page for more suggestions.

One night backpacking[edit]

Multiple nights backpacking[edit]

  • Appalachian Trail - the TEHCC section boasts many two or more night trips of varying difficulties
  • Iron Mountain Trail in TN and the AT between Damascus and TN91 creates 45 mile/three night loop hike


These are hikes leading to or passing by waterfalls - not drive up views.

  • Laurel Fork Gorge - large cascade water is probably most commonly led club hike over the years
  • Virgin Falls, Crossville TN - Comes out of a cave, down 140' before disappearing into another cave at bottom
  • Little Stony Creek Falls - plunge and cascade waterfalls seen on hike up creek gorge - currently has some trail errosion to navigate
  • Margarette Falls - 60' cascading waterfall
  • Gentry Creek Falls - two tiered waterfall reached by couple mile hike up along creek
  • Ramsey Cascades, Great Smoky Mtn NP - highest waterfall accessible by trail in the Smokies
  • Buckeye Falls in Clarks Creek - tallest cascading waterfall in Tennessee

View/Scenic Overlook[edit]


Unique things to see (or eat!) that depend on the time of year