Pinnacle Mountain Fire Tower

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Pinnacle Mountain Fire Tower.jpg
Trail Name Pinnacle Mountain Fire Tower
Park United States Forest Service
Nearest City Erwin
State Tennessee
Trail Marking Lime-Green
Trail Use/Features Dnr hiking.png Dnr dog.png Dnr bike.png
Difficulty Rating Medium
Hiking Time 4 Hours
240 Min
round-trip/trail only
9.6 Mi
15.45 km
/ 4.8 Mi
7.725 km
Trail Type In-and-Out
Climb/Descent Elevation approx. 1400 Ft
"approx" is not declared as a valid unit of measurement for this property.
High Point 3,523 Ft
1,174.333 Yards
Parking 36° 12' 31", -82° 21' 18"
Trailhead 36° 12' 33", -82° 21' 18"
Nearest Medical Erwin, TN
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Trail Overview[edit]

Great 360 degree view of the mountain ranges from observation platform. Officially USFS Trail #25 "Pinnacle Mountain Tower Trail".

How to get there[edit]

From Kingsport or Johnson City:

  1. Head south on I-26
  2. Take Exit 32.
  3. At bottom of ramp, take a right.
  4. At the roadway tee, there is a paved parking lot for 3-4 vehicles and nice restroom facilities. There is a sign for Jack Snider Park and a nearby sign announcing future location for the arts center. There is parking on the road next to the designated lot as well.
  5. Hike through gate along new gravel road into the picnic area.
  6. Trailhead is at the back - there is a prominent sign for the Pinnacle Tower Trail.

Route Description[edit]

The trailhead is located at the Jack Snider Park next to the future site of the Tanasi Arts & Heritage Center next to Interstate 26 at Exit 32. The lime green-blazed trail winds up to the top with a steady 6% slope using many switchbacks. The trail crosses a gravel road and ATV trail near the top which both also lead to the tower, but are steeper than the trail.

Takes 2-2.5 hours to hike up to the tower, and then 1.75 hours back down. Cut half hour off descent by coming down gravel road way to trail intersection.

Miles Elevation Pinnacle Mountain Tower Trail Miles
0.0 2120 Trailhead at picnic parking lot 4.7
2.1 2910 First distant view to the east 2.6
3.2 3080 Cross gravel road/ATV trail

Trail follows old logging road

3.7 3140 Leave logging road for new trail 1.0
4.4 3400 Burned out area around trail 0.3
4.7 3500 Trailhead at tower 0.0

Typical Conditions[edit]

The trail was built in 2010 by a contractor using a Bobcat backhoe. The path is 4 ft wide at a reasonable 6% grade. The tread does have a slight side-to-side slope, which is great to keep the water off the path, but did wear out my ankles from a constant twist.

Fees, Permits, etc.[edit]

No fees or permits. Horse or motor bike riding not allowed per forest service sign. Uncertain if and when the gate at the picnic area is locked.

The trail is located in the Watauga Ranger District of the Cherokee National Forest. Telephone: (423) 735-1500

Misc. Information[edit]

The summit is the highpoint of... Washington County (not Unicoi), Tennessee as it is just inside the county line. Pinnacle Mountain Tower was built by the Civil Conservation Corps and was in service until 1989. The trail was created and the 40 ft observation platform restored for $100,000 as a joint partnership. See [news article] and [FS press release].

The fire tower can also be accessed via a forest service road or the ATV trail (FTR #29) off of Dry Creek Road.

Very nice bathrooms are located at the parking area.


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