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Lakeside Trail - Bays Mountain Dam.jpg
Trail Name Lakeside Trail
Park Bays Mountain Park
Nearest City Kingsport
State Tennessee
Trail Marking Signs
Trail Use/Features Dnr hiking.png Dnr dog.png
Difficulty Rating Easy
Hiking Time 1.5 Hours
90 Min
round-trip/trail only
2.35 Mi
3.782 km
/ 2.35 Mi
3.782 km
Trail Type Loop
Climb/Descent Elevation 775 Ft
236.22 Meters
/ -775 Ft
-236.22 Meters
High Point 1,974 Ft
658 Yards
Parking 36° 30' 32", -82° 36' 34"
Trailhead 36° 30' 32", -82° 36' 41"
Nearest Medical Kingsport, TN
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Trail Overview[edit]

Located at Bays Mountain Park. Very popular hiking loop trail around the reservoir. It connects with many other park trails, thus a common starting point. Officially takes 90 minutes on maintained path with moderate climbs and drops. A few benches are scattered along the trail. Points of interest include floating bridge, beaver activity (dams, lodges, and down/gnawed trees), lillypad pond, and the wolves and other animal habitats. Note red dirt from maroon shale in places.

How to get there[edit]

From parking lot, either cross the dam to hike in a clockwise direction or start at back of animal habitat by the aviary area.

Route Description[edit]

This trail has connections to Bays Ridge Road, Lake Road, Cherry Knobs Trail, Sweet Gum Trail, Food Plot Road, Hemlock Trail, Holly Trail, Towhee Trail, Fern Trail, and Dolan Branch Trail.

Miles Lakeside Trail Miles
0.0 Dam, end nearest Nature Center 2.4
0.1 Dam, far end 2.3
0.2 Pine Trail junction 2.2
0.4 Floating Bridge 2.0
0.5 Cherry Knobs Trail junction 1.9
1.1 Beaver Pond Bridge/ Sweet Gum Trail junction 1.3
1.6 Hemlock Tr./ (Fire Tower Trail) junction 0.8
1.7 Holly Trail/ Towhee Trail junction 0.7
1.8 Holly Trail junction 0.6
2.1 Fern Trail junction 0.3
2.3 Water Fowl Aviary/ Laurel Trail junction 0.1
2.4 Nature Center 0.0

Typical Conditions[edit]

The park does an excellent job keeping this most popular trail open. The path is heavily used, but sometime covered with mulch.


Dogs are not allowed around the animal habitats, thus may have to skirt using Lake Road.

After the Hike[edit]

The animal habitats are a hit with kids of all ages.

Misc. Information[edit]


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