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Easy is a relative term. This region of varying terrain offers interesting contours and views to explore. For this wiki, "Easy" is being defined as up to five miles (or so) and less than 1000 ft elevation change, thus suitable for hikers with limited or infrequent experience.

A subset of these are designated "Family/Beginner", thus great for families with at least elementary-aged children or new to hiking in this area. These are generally closer (thus less "ride time") and less distance/elevation change. Refer to the favorites list for recommendations, while below is a list of other opportunities.

Ride distance is from Colonial Heights.

Trail Hike (miles) Ride (miles) Features
AT - Little Rock Knob 5 48 From Hughes Gap – Good for wildflowers
Bays Mountain Lakeside Trail 2 6 Reservoir, animal habitats
Buffalo Mountain White Rocks 5 25 Overlook of the valley above Johnson City
The Channels Natural Area Preserve 6 58 Maze of sandstone outcroppings and overlook view
Doe River Gorge 4-6 34 old railroad grade
Grassy Ridge 3 55 360 degree view of Roan highlands, azaleas and huckleberries in season
Laurel Fork Gorge 3-5 32 Very nice waterfalls
Natural Tunnel State Park 4 36 Train tunnel, blockhouse
Pinnacle Natural Area Preserve (Lebanon, VA) 3-4 60 Swinging bridge, two waterfalls
Twin Pinnacles at Grayson Highlands State Park 2 80 huckleberries and view
Rhododendron Trail at Grayson Highlands State Park 2 80 wild ponies and huckleberries
Rock Creek Falls (Erwin, TN) 5 32 Ribbon waterfall
South Holston Dam Spillway Trail 3 33 Easy road down to lake shore - great place for skipping rocks
Steele Creek Park Lakeside Trail (Bristol, TN) 2 20 Walk around reservoir, nature center, playground, miniature train
Warriors Path State Park 1-3 4