2012 Gear Swap (2nd Annual), Event Report

Vic Hasler reporting

Event Date: April 21st

In spite of delaying the Gear Swap until April, a chilly morning greeted the nearly dozen folks setting up booths for this year’s event.  However, plenty of hot coffee was available with friendly conversations and negotiations to warm the crowd looking at various camping, biking, backpacking, and paddling equipment.  One person who brought a truckload of gear due to a planned home move was successful in finding buyers for three-quarters of the items.  A kayak, mountain bike, A-frame tent, and bike rack also traded hands.  Consensus was that 8-11 AM was adequate, thus the planned time for next year’s event, likely on the same second weekend in April.  See you then…

From the Chair – March 2012

Vic Hasler, Steering Committee Chair – chair@tehcc.org  

In this column, I would like to highlight a few upcoming opportunities.  First is the Spring Dinner Meeting to hear the high moments and challenges of a thru-hiker – someone who used the national scenic trail that the club spends hours maintaining.  The second is a request for hike leaders to guide local Girl Scouts on easy sections of the AT during their centennial celebration in 2012.   Several hikes have been identified, so the need is for knowledgeable folks to explain the path to the girls.  Lastly (spouses, take note) is an alert to start cleaning those storage spaces where the equipment for outdoor activities is stashed.  TEHCC will again host a Gear Swap in April – with publicity forthcoming once the details are set.  Sell what is not being used to clear out the space, or swap for what you really want to try this year.  The club is active in several ways, so join in as you are available for your enjoyment.

2011 Gear Swap Review

Deb Reynolds Reporting

Saturday, March 26, TEHCC had their first gear swap on the grounds (parking lot) of the Eastman Recreation Building.  We weren’t sure what to expect since this was a new event and not sure how the community would react, but my expectations were more than met.  I think the event was a success and worth doing again next year.  We had eight groups sign up in advance and had at least ten groups show.  Continue reading “2011 Gear Swap Review”