From the Chair – March 2012

Vic Hasler, Steering Committee Chair –  

In this column, I would like to highlight a few upcoming opportunities.  First is the Spring Dinner Meeting to hear the high moments and challenges of a thru-hiker – someone who used the national scenic trail that the club spends hours maintaining.  The second is a request for hike leaders to guide local Girl Scouts on easy sections of the AT during their centennial celebration in 2012.   Several hikes have been identified, so the need is for knowledgeable folks to explain the path to the girls.  Lastly (spouses, take note) is an alert to start cleaning those storage spaces where the equipment for outdoor activities is stashed.  TEHCC will again host a Gear Swap in April – with publicity forthcoming once the details are set.  Sell what is not being used to clear out the space, or swap for what you really want to try this year.  The club is active in several ways, so join in as you are available for your enjoyment.

From the Chair – July

Ian Powell, Steering Committee Chair

I hope everyone is having a nice summer.  It’s been a little rainy, but some really nice weekends none the less.  I wanted to take a second and just remind everyone to be safe.  On the trail and on the water, your environment can change quickly.  Lightning storms have been abundant this season and can be very dangerous.  In 2010 there were 29 lightning fatalities in the USA and for 2011 there are already 6.  If you are outside on the trail or on the water during a storm, it is important to take appropriate actions to minimize the chance of being struck by lightning.  Another summer safety concern is drowning.  In 2007, 3939 fatal, unintentional drownings took place in the United States.  We are blessed to have a number of lakes for recreational use in our area. Please be safe when you are on the water and look out for the person next to you.  Make sure you know what the tell-tale signs of a drowning victim are.  They won’t be flailing around and screaming more than likely.  If you haven’t had a CPR course in a while, it may be time to refresh your training.  I hope everyone enjoys an accident free summer, but it is better to be prepared than to be sorry.

From the Chair – June

Ian Powell, Steering Committee Chair

The Thru-Hiking Season is definitely in full swing.  With Trail Days the second week of May, I am sure if you have been anywhere near the A.T. in our area, you have seen thru-hikers all around.  Keep in mind what these individuals are undertaking and please do what you can to help them out.  The Friday before Trail Days I got a call on my office phone from a couple of thru-hikers that had found my name on the website.  They had gotten into Johnson City to resupply and rest and didn’t have a way back to the trail.  Though it was definitely busy at work and an unscheduled trip to Johnson City was the furthest thing from my mind, I conceded to give them a ride after I got off work.  I picked them up at their hotel and after a quick trip to Mahoney’s, we were on the way to Erwin to drop them trailside.  The drive to Erwin was filled with great conversation and the diversion from the daily grind was ultimately rewarding and welcome.  So if you get a chance to help out a thru-hiker, count yourself lucky and enjoy the departure from your daily tasks and remember, the south-bounders will be here before long.

From the Chair – May

Ian Powell, Steering Committee Chair

I would like to thank everyone that came out to the Gear Swap and made it a success.  We saw a lot of new faces and had a good time looking through everyone’s wares.  I personally had a great time just speaking with people there, swapping stories more than gear.  I saw some people I worked with and met some people for the first time. It was a very laid back event.  I really appreciate ERC letting us use the parking lot and would like to thank Richard Elliot and the steering committee for all their help with the event. Continue reading “From the Chair – May”

From the Chair for April

Ian Powell, Steering Committee Chair
It will soon be warming up and more people will be spending time outside
enjoying the trail and water.  Have you thought about what you are going to
make out of this spring and summer?  Do you have a big trip planned?  If you
have an activity or trip that you have been putting off for awhile, waiting for
the right time to take it, wait no more.  Make the plans and make it happen.
No one knows what the future will hold, so don’t get caught regretting never
hiking that trail or paddling that river.  If you are looking for some company
on this outing, I can guarantee that there is someone in the club who would
be willing to go with you.  So please consider posting your trip on the club’s