Chota Canoe & Kayak School, June 17-19

Contact:  Gary Kilpatrick

Chota’s annual Canoe & Kayak School has been a great way to introduce our sport to new comers for many years.  We offer beginner classes in whitewater kayak and canoe, as well as touring kayak and canoeing.  For those who are already into paddling, but wish to advance in skill level, our school also offers advanced beginner and intermediate whitewater classes.  Chota also provides the option of renting equipment from the club, depending on availability, or from area outfitters for this event.  This way you can still come and learn even if you do not have your own gear.

Pick your class from this list: Whitewater Kayaking, Whitewater Canoeing, Kayak Touring, or Canoe Tripping

Class descriptions are available on the Chota Website,