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Curley Maple Gap shelter profile.JPG
Shelter Curley Maple Gap
Capacity 14 People
Privy No
Trail Head Distance N 4.1 Miles
Trail Head Distance S 4.2 Miles
Elevation 3,070 Feet
Latitude {{#lat_deg2dms: 36.104255}}
Longitude {{#long_deg2dms: -82.396837}}
Nearest Medical Erwin, TN
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Renovated October 2010 to expand the sleeping capacity to 14 with a second loft under a new roof.


Trail-south of Unaka Mountain between Iron Mountain Gap and Nolichucky River.


A spring is located 100 feet trail-south on AT.

Maintenance History[edit]

  • Oct 2010: Remodeled by TEHCC with LL Bean grant providing new materials. About only original structure saved was first four courses of block and sleeping platform. Sleeping capacity was expanded with upper sleeping platform and covered eating area was added. newsletter article [1]
  • Oct 1993: Pop riveted three sections to the roof, painted roof.
  • Apr 1993: Worked on roof, installed picnic table, removed privy that was in violation.
  • 1992: Replaced one piece of tin that was causing leaks, and painted shelter inside and out.
  • 1961: Original shelter built by US Forest Service.

Photo Gallery[edit]

Shelter name Section Trail distance from Damascus
Abingdon Gap Shelter US421 to Damascus 10.2
McQueens Knob Shelter (emergency shelter) US421 to Damascus 11.7
Double Springs Shelter TN91 to US421 18.5
Iron Mountain Shelter Wilbur Dam Rd to TN91 26.1
Vandeventer Shelter Wilbur Dam Rd to TN91 32.9
Watauga Lake Shelter Dennis Cove Rd to Wilbur Dam Rd 40.1
Laurel Fork Shelter Dennis Cove Rd to Wilbur Dam Rd 48.7
Moreland Gap Shelter US19E to Dennis Cove Rd 57.3
Mountaineer Falls Shelter US19E to Dennis Cove Rd 66.9
Overmountain Shelter (Yellow Mountain Barn) Carver's Gap to US19E 84.9
Stan Murray Shelter Carver's Gap to US19E 86.8
Roan High Knob Shelter Iron Mountain Gap to Carver's Gap 92.0
Clyde Smith Shelter Iron Mountain Gap to Carver's Gap 100.5
Cherry Gap Shelter Indian Grave Gap to Iron Mountain Gap 109.6
Curley Maple Gap Shelter Nolichucky River to Indian Grave Gap 122.4
No Business Knob Shelter Spivey Gap to Nolichucky River 132.9

Per the 2016 AT Data Book.