Spivey Gap to Nolichucky River

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Spivey gap - nolichucky river gorge.jpg
Section 20a/b
Trail south point Spivey Gap
Trail north point Nolichucky River
Distance 11.2 Miles
Min Elevation 1,700 Feet
Max Elevation 3,901 Feet
Governing Body Unaka
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Spivey Gap[edit]

Spivey Gap (3200') is the southern boundary of the TEHCC's maintenance responsibility and where US19W cross the Trail. South of Spivey Gap, the Trail is maintained by the Carolina Mountain Club. Oglesby Branch, named after TEHCC founder Frank Oglesby, is trail north on Flattop Mountain.

No Business Knob Shelter[edit]

No Business Knob Shelter (3251') is a concrete block shelter built in 1963 by the United States Forest Service.

Cliff Ridge[edit]

Overlooking the Nolichucky River, Cliff Ridge is the last high point before descending to the Chestoa Bridge crossing of the Nolichucky River.

Nolichucky River and Erwin, TN[edit]

The AT meets the Nolichucky River at Chestoa Bridge. Downtown Erwin is approximately 2 miles from this point. Food, resupply, shuttles and lodging are available.


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