SB6000 Certification Instructions

For those wanting to be certified by TN Eastman Hiking & Canoeing Club:

1) After hiking the forty 6,000 foot peaks using SB6K criteria shown on CMC website, send the application and ascent record, along with supporting maps and trail descriptions as possible to the below address. Include a check for $10 (payable to TEHCC) to be processed only once the application is approved. Note: Membership in TEHCC is not required for the SB6K program; however, if you are interested in joining the club, the application is here.

Eastman Chemical Company
PO Box 511
Kingsport, Tennessee 37662-5310
Attn: Recreation/Hiking Club, SB6K

2) The record will be reviewed by two designated members of the club. Note that requests for more information to verify that routes met the criteria are not unusual.

3) If the application is approved, then the South Beyond 6000 patch and certificate will be presented at a regular club dinner meeting (or mailed if necessary).

4) If the application is not certified, then any gaps will be provided so that further information can be provided or a different hike completed which achieves the criteria.