Deuter Futura Vario 50+10 HB-34

ID Size (in3) Torso Fit (in) Frame Style Weight Rental Rate
HB-34 3965 15-22 Internal 4 lb, 10 oz A

More Information

Purchased in 2011 for $189 plus tax, the club obtained a German-designed backpack that has load compression – like an internal frame, but a more open back ventilation system like an external – which is important for our hot summer days. Its carrying volume is reasonable for a 30 pound baseload plus the lid collar expands to provide collaspible space for food and consumables. With the same load capacity, its weight of 4 lb, 10 oz is right at the Kelty Tornado (HB-2/3) and 3/4th lb lighter than the Vaude Accept (HB-31/32) backpacks. The frame is easily adjusted to fit 15″-22″ torsos using a Velco strap along the main spine. An on-line video about this specific backpack can be seen here. So enjoy!