Bays Structure Tour

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Trail Overview[edit]

Hike within Bays Mountain Park at 11.0 miles17.703 km <br /> on eight trails. A long hike to see all of the abandoned homes, cabins, and barns within the park.

How to get there[edit]

The hike begins at the dam of Bays Mountain Park.

Route Description[edit]

The designed route's goal is to see all of the structures and minimize trail repeats. It begins from the dam and takes a southern approach heading out west, does an out-and-back on Laurel Falls before coming back on a more northerly return back to the dam.

Miles Out Bays Structure Tour Miles Back Miles Segment
0.0 Trail head at Dam, take Lake Road West to Ledbetter Gap (Alternate option of Bays Ridge Road) 11.0 1.1
1.1 Front Hollow Road West past Ledbetter Dam and log foundation, two unnamed barns, Foster Morrison home, Quillen barn, and Ed McClure home to Back Hollow 9.9 1.8
2.9 Back Hollow Road East past an unnamed house and barn, spring, and another unnamed house 8.1 1.1
4.0 At Bill Simpson house and barn, turn left on to Pretty Ridge Trail and stay on Pretty Ridge to head back West at the junction by turning left 7.0 1.3
5.3 At Junction turn on to Kiner Hollow Trail and head past the Wallen family home 5.7 0.4
5.7 Head West on Laurel Run Trail to see the homes of Alex Wallen, Asa Simpson, and the Morrison Family and return back to this junction 5.3 1.3
7.0 Continue on Kiner Hollow Trail to see the homes of Roller and John Simpson 4.0 1.2
8.2 Pretty Ridge Trail to return back to Back Hollow Road at Bill Simpson's home 2.8 0.4
8.6 Back Hollow Road East to pass the primitive campsite, cabin, smoke house, and barn to Feagins Gap 2.4 0.9
9.5 Back on Lake Road, head South to see the rock quarry 1.5 0.4
9.9 Cherry Knobs East back towards the reservoir 1.1 0.7
10.6 Lakeside Trail back to the dam to finish 0.4 0.4
11.0 Back at Dam 0.0


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