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Here we hope to create a place to find out about the trails within our area. What's our area? As far as the visitors to our site are willing to document. Here we hope to document public trails and parks centering on Kingsport.

We need your help!

Please, jump right in. Hit edit, type, save the page. With all changes logged and if needed easily reverted, there is no risk of "screwing it up." Help can range anywhere from contacting webmaster@tehcc.org and telling me something we got wrong, to diving in deep and doing heavy page editing. We need all levels of help for this to work best for all of us.

What's going on?

  • Current work
  • Ongoing
    • Updating after hikes
    • Tweaking pages as needed (eventually based on needs list)
  • Ideas on deck
    • Create trail search system (including needs searching)
    • Create park list that details number of trails and miles of trails for each park
    • Create dynamic site map of trails and parks
    • Create map balloon template to list basic information on site map of trails and parks
    • Better tag trails for use (e.g. foot, bike, atv,...) and features (e.g. overlook, waterfall, history,...)
    • Have park pages also list hike plans nearby
    • Have trail pages list "trails nearby", maybe within 5mi radius?
    • Create a trail template and form to make casual editing easier
    • Figure out how to easily get KMLs and possibly waypoints out of the wiki and into phones/handhelds
    • Create elegant way to subgroup trails (Warriors Path Bike Trails only example so far)
    • Create a hike plan infobox
    • Figure out a way to easily add "trip reports" through form
    • Have AT sections pull in recent maintenance
    • Cleanup non-trail/park pages for layout and organization
    • Figure out a way that a park page, if we don't create the individual trail pages, could still return in a query number of trails and miles of trail
    • Figure out a way that KML's could easily be added
    • Write a "how to GPS log and create KML" page
    • Can we elegantly tag pins and query them with desired icon (show "park" pins on trail pages)
    • Have queries return icons for tagged use/features
    • Fix/update Shelter IB
    • Take shelters out of Shelter namespace
    • Trail rating system
    • Pair this list into 'Planned' and 'Ideas'
    • Better separate "Allowed Activities" (e.g. hiking, dogs, ATV, horses) from "Attractions" (e.g. waterfalls, vistas, highpoint)
    • Update trails map for filtering on tagged keywords, park, features, etc. See example.