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Official State Park Trail Map

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Rocky Fork is a recent public land acquisition and therefore can provide a remote wilderness experience for those interested in trail hiking or biking. Be warned though that the trails are not clearly marked, if at all, and it is currently not heavily frequented so do not count on the help of others as part of your emergency plan.

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How to get there[edit]

From I-26 in Tennessee at Exit 46:

  1. From the Exit 46 Welcome Center follow the access road back under the interstate about 0.2 miles to its end into Clear Branch Road (street sign is often missing).
  2. If heading east on I-26 and not wishing to stop at the Welcome Center, simply turn right off the Exit 46 ramp and follow the access road a few hundred yards down to Clear Branch Rd. (west-bound traffic will turn left from the exit ramp onto the welcome ctr. access road)
  3. Turn right onto Clear Branch and head down thru the tiny community of Clear Branch, past the Clear Branch Church, and down the steep grade to the stop sign - about 0.8 mile.
  4. Turn left onto TN-352 (old US 23 - usually no sign here either) and go about 2.5 miles to Rocky Fork Road on your right.
  5. Follow RF Rd. about 0.8 mile up to the parking area at the blue gate on your left. The stream along Rocky Fork Road is very scenic, with lots of cascades, deep pools and giant boulders. Great trout fishing too.
  6. Park in the small area on the right of the short gravel road leading to the gate. Try to leave room for other vehicles if possible.

Alternative routes: Take I-26, Exit 43 (Temple Hill), then right onto Hwy. 352 South to Rocky Fork Rd. on right; or I-26, Exit 50 (Flag Pond) and left onto Higgins Creek Rd. to Flag Pond Rd. (often not signed), then right on Flag Pond Rd. to Rocky Fork Rd. on left


The Rocky Fork area offers the following trails to explore:

Trail Miles Difficulty Comment
Entrance Road 0.7 Easy scenic streamside walk
Flint Creek Trail 2.8 Difficult Scenic valley hike - sometimes walking in the creek
Flint Mountain Trail 4.7 Medium Loop hike
Snake Den Ridge Trail
Blockstand Creek Trail
Headwaters Trail 5.3 Medium Multiple creek crossings - couple deep
High Country Trail
Hidden Lake Trail 8.7 Hard Long climb to a figure 8 loop around man-made lake
White House Cliffs Trail 3 Medium To top of first highpoint - ~900' ft climb


Not permitted on the watershed are horses, motor vehicles, fires or camping.

In October 2012, Rocky Fork was designated as Tennessee’s 55th state park with roughly 2,000 acres to be accessible with future plans of an access road, ranger station, primitive campground, picnic areas and trails. It officially opened in May 2015 as a developmental park with no facilities.


Rocky Fork Trail Map

Official State Park Trail Map

Avenza Maps of Rocky Fork for your phone.