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This wiki site uses a MediaWiki extension called Maps. It's full syntax description can be found at its home site. Here we will just describe the basic features typically used for this site for simplicity for our users

Basic use[edit]

The map is invoked by using the following basic structure

<display_map options and KML links>
(optional and multiple possible) pin locations

This site prefers that routes/trails are kept in the KMLs and the pins/markers are specified within the wiki markup on the page. By keeping the pins specified in the wiki markup, it is easier for users of this site to add/remove/modify them.

The specifics of each portion are explained below

Extension options[edit]

Available coding options are (full list here):

  • center (location which can be coordinates or place name but place names slows page render; default is centered on all listed pins)
  • width (assumes pixels by default but can also be ex, em, %; default is auto)
  • height (assumes pixels by default but can also be ex, em, %; default is 350)
  • zoom (the zoom level; 0 is the furthest away, 21 is the closest in; 15 is closest zoom for terrain)
  • type ("terrain" or "roadmap", "hybrid", or "satellite"; default is "roadmap")
  • controls (controls to place on the map, list any/all pan, zoom, type, scale, streetview)
  • zoomstyle (not sure yet, but I think we want this for small vs. large maps)
  • typestyle (not sure yet, but I think we want this for small vs. large maps)
  • kmlrezoom (yes/no center on drawn kmls; default is no)
  • gkml (list URLs to kmls separated by a comma)
  • markercluster (automatically groups crowded pins and zooms on click; default no)
  • icon (Default icon to use for all markers/pins - only can apparently use an image on this site without the "File:" prefix)

All attributes are optional. If it is not specified the above described default will be assumed.

So the final code to place just a map with no other features might be:

<display_map center="Warriors Path State Park, TN" zoom="12" width="50%" height="200" type="terrain" controls="scale,type">
Loading map...

KML files[edit]

KMLs are now specified within the open command. Using the kml (not sure when this is used) or gkml (the one we seem to need to use) you can add URL(s) that point to KML files. Each URL should be separated by a comma.

<display_map gkml=",http://other.url/,...">

These files will be dynamically imported into the map each time the map is loaded. For now, any new KMLs must be emailed to the webmaster for uploading to the site. These are kept in the above referenced ( folder. Another warning is to avoid spaces in the KML title as these will not properly link, so use underscores or hyphens to connect the words.


Pins are added by using the following syntax within the <display_map> tags. The different attributes of the pin are separated by tildes (~).

Location~Title~Details~Icon~Visited Icon?~Label~???
location ~ balloon title ~ balloon contents ~ Map Icon (wiki file) ~ Visited Map icon (wiki file) ~ label(shows next to pin at all times)~ something else?

Full coding showing two pins, the first with a linked title and regular text with a persistent label and the second with no linked title but regular text and a small image:

<display_map center="36.500667,-82.47797" type="terrain" zoom="15" width="715" height="350">
36.50013,-82.47760~[[WPSP Sinking Waters|Sinking Waters]]~Here is the location of the trail head~MarkerA.png~ ~This is where Putin Works
36.502891,-82.468700~Connection~Intersection to/from [[WPSP_Fall_Creek_Loop_Trail|Fall Creek Loop]]<br>[[Image:To D Backbone Trail.jpg|150px|Trail head sign]]
Loading map...

The above commands can be used many times within a single map to create the pins needed.

Pin icons[edit]

Icons can be changed by two methods, changing all undefined icons to a specified one or invoking the custom icon list used on this site and then specifying pin by pin which icon to display for the pin. Custom icons are referenced using an image on the wiki without the "File:" prefix (e.g. MarkerA.png)

Default Pin Icons[edit]

The default icon used for pins can be changed by adding an icon command in the extension options:

Add the icon address in quotes to the displat_map tag, using icon:

<display_map icon=MarkerG.png>
38.453857,-84.356461~Rick Grimes Shot
38.462857,-84.365461~Rick Grimes Shot
38.444857,-84.347461~Rick Grimes Shot
Loading map...

Custom icons[edit]

Custom icons are defined as the fourth of the pin parameters. This site has a list of custom icons that can be used. See the #Icons reference to know which letters will invoke which icon

Full coding of a custom icon map:

<display_map width="auto" height="350">
36.50013,-82.47760~Fall Creek Falls~[[Image:WPSP Fall Creek Falls.jpg|150px|Fall Creek Falls]]~MarkerE.png
36.502632,-82.482759~Parking along Fall Creek Road~ ~MarkerA.png
36.502891,-82.468700~Intersection to/from [[WPSP_Fall_Creek_Loop_Trail|Fall Creek Loop]]~[[Image:To D Backbone Trail.jpg|150px|Trail head sign]]~MarkerG.png
Loading map...

Icons reference[edit]

Icons in use at this site

Filename Icon Meaning
MarkerA.png MarkerA.png Parking
MarkerB.png MarkerB.png Picturesque location
MarkerC.png MarkerC.png Waterfall
MarkerD.png MarkerD.png Alternate for picturesque
MarkerE.png MarkerE.png Overlook
MarkerF.png MarkerF.png Shelter
MarkerG.png MarkerG.png Trailhead/intersection/point of interest
MarkerH.png MarkerH.png Campground
MarkerI.png MarkerI.png Cave
MarkerJ.png MarkerJ.png Water crossing - no bridge - rock-hopping
MarkerK.png MarkerK.png Bench
MarkerL.png MarkerL.png Trail bridge
MarkerM.png MarkerM.png Cell Tower/Antenna
MarkerN.png MarkerN.png Cemetery
MarkerO.png MarkerO.png Playground
MarkerP.png MarkerP.png Summit Marker
MarkerQ.png MarkerQ.png Toilet
MarkerR.png MarkerR.png Tunnel
MarkerS.png MarkerS.png Picnic Area
MarkerT.png MarkerT.png Trail intersection signpost
MarkerU.png MarkerU.png Trail road crossing
MarkerV.png MarkerV.png Old abandoned structure or foundation
MarkerW.png MarkerW.png Horseback riding
MarkerX.png MarkerX.png Alien capsule(?!)
MarkerY.png MarkerY.png Rest spot
MarkerZ.png File:MarkerZ.png ???
Marker1.png Marker1.png Skiing
Marker2.png Marker2.png Tower (fire tower - It was the best that could be found)
powerline.png Powerline.png Power Line
treedown.png Treedown.png Blowdowns on trail

Search for other icons to suggest, send to webmaster for inclusion


Review the markup for these pages for good examples of embedded Google Maps, using most or all of the features described above

Unexplored Features[edit]

Here's a list of new capabilities of the map extension that haven't been explored yet but sounds possibly useful for this site

  • Drawing of lines, circles, and polygons on a map using coordinates within the tag - information here
  • Polygons on hover over a defined area - information here
  • Searching within markers (although their examples don't seem to work - information here
  • Fusion tables(???)
  • Map Editor to create lines, polygons, pin placements, etc.
  • Dynamic tables and maps by searching created pages - See example here that maps and lists based on individual pages (I would really like this for both the master trails list and map but could also be a good way to handle parks with several trails)