HA-1– Black Diamond Trail Ergo Cork Trekking Poles

Vic Hasler, Rental Equipment Coordinator (rental@tehcc.org)

A new type of equipment for the hiking club – trekking poles.  Based on discussion held at the March Lunch & Learn, a pair of Black Diamond Trail Ergo Cork Poles was purchased for $80 to allow members a chance to try them out before deciding to buy this type of equipment.  These three-section poles were selected due to the ease of adjustment within 29-55 inches using the FlickLocks feature.  Rental rate “D” ($4 weekend, $6 week-long) will be set for these poles.  If popular, then another pair of a different style may be purchased to allow comparison.

They will also be demonstrated at Ian Powell’s “Trekking Poles 101” Lunch & Learn on July 21st, so come learn how to properly use them – including those wrist loops.