May Club Meeting – The new TEHCC Trail Wiki, May 18

Tim Schaefer reporting

May’s meeting was about the new Trail Wiki.  We had several people show up very interested to see more of what has already been done (although we still have a long way to go).  The discussion ranged from “what’s a wiki” to how to do some basic editing (it’s really not that hard); but probably most importantly, how to find useful information.  Users of the site can search by interest, by difficulty, by area, alphabetically, by choosing from a map, or several other ways to find trails.  Many people were interested to hear that they could help those editing the site by offering pictures and GPS logs of their hikes.  As always, please check out the site, find a trail, get out there, and update the description of what there is to see.  If you see something missing or that we got something wrong, do not hesitate to hit that edit button, make your changes, maybe hit preview to see if it will look like you expect, and then save it.  We’ve got a few people who routinely watch the “[[Special:Recent Changes|Recent Changes]]” page and, if needed, will help you with any changes you’ve made.