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Total trail miles documented on the wiki is 207.80696969697 Miles

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AT - Indian Grave Gap to Beauty Spot
AT - Little Rock Knob
AT – US19E to Hump Mountain
AT, Wilburn Ridge, Scales
Blackstack Cliffs (AT)
Clarks Creek
Elk Park Trail
Elk River Big Falls
Erwin Linear Trail
Gentry Creek Falls
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Tim has hiked 19 days, on a count of 35 trails for a total of 86.16 miles.

 Trail hikedHike dateMiles hikedHike note
Tim#8/30/2015Sills Branch30 August 20151.18 Mi
1.899 km
Family hike to the falls for GPS logging. Missed the turn to the left and went right for a ways until realizing we went astray. Accidentally also misled another family that arrived at the same time as us.
Fawn Loop
5 September 20154.33 Mi
6.968 km
Hiked alone with the dogs with goal to GPS log Wahoo and added Fawn Loop as a bonus.
Tim#9/6/2015Squibb Creek Falls6 September 20155.2 Mi
8.369 km
Went with the family, no dogs, to find this trail. It wasn't on the wiki so I had the goal to GPS track it and take notes of interesting waypoints/pins.
Tim#9/12/2015Fred Behrend
12 September 20153.44 Mi
5.536 km
While the girls were at the naturalist rally, Bob and I did some GPS logging hikes.
Tim#9/13/2015Tom Gray
Chestnut Ridge
Forest Road
Turkey Trot
13 September 20158.1 Mi
13.036 km
First did Tom Gray then Leaving Miller homestead, hiked off the ridge to the visitor's center, then back to the campground also snagging Turkey Trot for a long GPS logging.
Tim#9/14/2015Peg Leg Mine
Raven Rock
Cloudland (Roan Mountain State Park)
14 September 20152.93 Mi
4.715 km
Grabbed the last few non-Mountain bike trails of Roan Mountain.
Tim#9/26/2015Lakeside Trail26 September 20152.3 Mi
3.701 km
Quick hike in the rain between a zipline ride and a barge ride
Tim#9/27/2015Devil's Backbone
Fall Creek Loop
27 September 20152.6 Mi
4.184 km
Hike with the dogs starting at the Childress Ferry trail head. Only made it up to the lookout on Devil's Backbone. Took pictures of structures along the trail and the double-blazed spur for the wiki.
Tim#10/4/2015Sinking Waters4 October 20152.23 Mi
3.589 km
Hike with dogs, brought GPS and camera to document the wiki.
Tim#10/10/2015Blue 210 October 20151.82 Mi
2.929 km
Tried to get the last of the RMSP trails, could not find Ridge Top!
Tim#10/14/2015White House Cliffs Trail14 October 20152.86 Mi
4.603 km
Family sunset hike by guided by park ranger. Brought the watch for trail logging, but Vic already got it!
Tim#10/17/2015Rogers Ridge Horse Trail17 October 201515.5 Mi
24.945 km
Hike with Charlie to the peak and back. Tried to make a loop but details were scarce and fear of making it longer kept us on the same return.
Tim#10/18/2015Whitetail Loop
Rock City
18 October 20153.78 Mi
6.083 km
No logging, should have. Would have snagged Rock City and Zip Line. Oh well. Good hike with the dogs.
Tim#10/25/2015Darwin's Revenge
Boneyard Connector
Magic Carpet Ride
Ridge Top (Warriors Path State Park)
25 October 20153.46 Mi
5.568 km
Afternoon hike with the dogs, snagging GPS logs for Darwin, Boneyard Connector, Magic Carpet Ride, and Ridge Top
Tim#11/14/2015Lake Road (Bays Mountain Park)
Front Hollow Road
Back Hollow Road
Pretty Ridge Trail
Kiner Hollow Trail
Laurel Run Trail
Cherry Knobs Trail
Lakeside Trail
14 November 201511 Mi
17.703 km
TEHCC EXPO Bays Structure Tour hike
Tim#11/21/2015Devil's Backbone
Fall Creek Loop
21 November 20152.6 Mi
4.184 km
Finally, another sunrise hike, it had been a while
Tim#12/19/2015Roaring Branch Trail19 December 20158 Mi
12.875 km
Club hike, alone
Tim#12/27/2015Sinking Waters27 December 20152.23 Mi
3.589 km
Hike with dogs and Elliott
Tim#1/2/2016Devil's Backbone
Fall Creek Loop
2 January 20162.6 Mi
4.184 km
Hike with kids and dogs