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Some club hike plans and trip reports with most current first:

F/B Hike: Little Stony Creek Falls – From the Top, Sunday, May 26, 2013 Contact: Vic Hasler More driving, but starting at the picturesque waterfall. As reported last year, some trail above the Hanging Rock Recreation Area has caved away, thus closing a short section. We can still experience this favorite hike by driving an extra 20 minutes along very winding VA72 onto gravel forest service roads to reach the upper parking lot. From there, we’ll hike down the trail to see the upper (plunge) and middle (curtain) waterfalls and then double back to the parking lot. If there’s time and interest, I would like to proceed north to check out part of the lesser used Chief Benge Scout Trail (CBST). Hike distance can be two (just the lower section) up to four miles total with CBST. Bring water, snack, comfortable walking shoes, bug spray, and towel if you plan on briefly wading at the falls. Walking on the CBST might involve some stream crossings without bridges, thus water shoes, if desired. Let’s leave at 1PM from the parking lot below “McDonalds” (now being rebuilt) in Colonial Heights for the 75 minute drive. For further information, check the trail wiki links or call/e-mail the hike leader.

Little Stony Creek Falls, July 29, 2012 Vic Hasler reporting From the Hanging Rock Recreation Area, this trail winds up the deep rock-strewn gorge carved by the cascading Little Stony Creek. Due to the wettest month ever on record for the region, the full creek flow provided magnificent views waterfalls and cascades. Enjoying this roughly six mile hike were Barry Griggs, Carol and Waylon Jenkins, Yong Li, and Vic Hasler. Damage from the December 2009 winter storm has been cleared. The few recent blowdowns were readily passed. However, the significant issue for this trail is severe erosion resulting in the narrow path caving away in a few spots, thus difficult crossings of the gaps. Conversation with Jorge Hersel (Clinch District Ranger) concluded that the 4” downpour during the week prior likely caused the observed damage. Immediate action will be to send a couple of forest service employees over to assess the situation. Existing plans were to potentially partner with The Clinch Coalition to reroute the trail – especially above the first bridge from the recreation area.

Friday Hikers: Little Stony Creek, May 25, 2012 Jerry Case reporting The Friday Hikers enjoyed a 6½ mile in/out hike up Little Stony Creek in Hanging Rock State Park near Dunganon, VA. The weather was perfect. Spring flowers have faded, but the Mountain Laurel (called Ivy by the early settlers) and Galax flowers were beautiful. Several orange salamanders, lots of millipedes, and a chorus of cicada were out. The trail was passable; much better than last year. Hikers were: Jan, Chuck and Bonnie Lou Mather (Bobbie Lou had great fun splashing in the stream), Carol Idol, Lee Bockman, Jack Aaron, Olin Babb, Taylor Pickard, Gary Bailey, and Jerry and Kathy Case.

Friday Hikers: Little Stony Creek Trail, February 18, 2011 Bob Harvey reporting The hike of February 18 was on the Little Stony Creek Trail from the entrance gate of Hanging Rock Park near Dungannon, Virginia, up the creek past cascades, waterfalls and natural barricades, and on to a dramatic lookout point for good views and lunch, after which we returned to our cars. The weather was ideal. We went a total distance of around 6.5 miles. The hikers were Jack Aaron, Olin Babb, Kathy and Jerry Case, Anne Cosby, Judith Foster, Bob Harvey, Alison Hewson, Melanie Horner, Jerry Jones, Carol Idol, Patty Jo Nachman, Nancy Wilson and Ann Yungmeyer. The barricades I referred to are trees that fell across the trail during the record-breaking snowfall and high winds of December 18, 2009. An unofficial report at that time was that possibly a hundred trees blocked the trail as a result of the storm. Since then the Forest Service and volunteer groups have worked to make the trail usable again and we’re now able to report that you can indeed get from the lower end of the trail to the gravel road at the upper end. However, there are still a half-dozen or so places where downed trees haven’t yet been removed. They make this formerly-easy ramble into an obstacle course, more suitable for Parris Island recruits than for the old folks.

Hike Notice: Little Stoney Creek Falls (Jefferson National Forest),June 15, 2002 Hike Leader: Vic Hasler Rating: C/3/B (5-6 miles/moderate pace/average terrain - short sections rough and rocky) Little Stoney Creek Trail in the Jefferson National Forest near Dungannon, Virginia is an easy hike following an old railroad bed up to a pair of very nice waterfalls. This hike was led for TEHCC by Garry Luttrell in 1994 (on which my 4-year old daughter tripped on "tree toes" alias exposed roots) and by Collins Chew in 2000. Sign at the trailhead says 􀀀2.6 mi􀀀 which matches other estimates. Driving distance was estimated by Mr. Chew to be about 50 miles one-way. Bring lunch, comfortable boots (recommended for the many "cobblestones" on the trail) or sneakers, rain gear and appropriate clothing. The stout in constitution can try swimming in the cold pool below the upper falls. Meet at the usual spot in Colonial Heights at 8:00 AM.