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This wiki page is to capture relocations of the Appalachian Trail. Some relos will result in a change of trail distance, thus reported for annual data book update. This page, like the trail itself, is a work in progress to figure out how to best use the available tools.

Relos to be Measured[edit]

Active relocations:
- South of TN91
- Second leg of Turkeypen Gap - by SAWS
- Backbone Rock Trail (blue blaze)
- Near Beauty Spot

Measured Relos impacting the 15th edition of the NC/TN guidebook issued in 2016[edit]

1. None yet

Measured Relos impacting the 14th edition of the NC/TN guidebook issued in 2013[edit]

1. South of Dennis Cove Road - June 5, 2013 - 339 feet - no change in reported trail distance
2. Cloudland to Hughes Gap - June 8, 2013 - Add 0.2 mi between Cloudland/Ash gap and 0.1 between Beartown Mtn/spur trail to water
3. Dennis Cove Road to Moreland Gap Shelter - October 5, 2013 - Add 0.3 mi between Coon Den Falls trail and vista to the west
4. Cloudland to Ash Gap - August 23, 2014 - Add another 0.3 mi for total trail distance of 1.4 mi between these two points
5. Little Rock Knob to Clyde Smith shelter - August 23, 2014 - 1625 and 2300 ft relos opened for net 0.2 mile increase
6. Between US321 and Watauga Lake Shelter - September 12, 2014 - 690 foot relocation to bypass the fishermen's campsites. Increases trail distance by 0.1 mile between US321 and Griffth Branch and another 0.1 mile to the shelter.
7. Little Rock Knob to Clyde Smith shelter - November 21, 2014 - Third relo in this section of 1385 ft opened 11/8/2014 for net 0.1 mile increase - 1.2 mi between anchors


Note: The red line is a very simplified version of the AT route. End of the club's trail maintenance sections are marked. This map has also been used to review where invasive species are located and older trail deficiencies for some internal efforts.

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