Sinking Waters

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Sinking Waters information sign.jpg
Trail Name Sinking Waters
Park Warriors Path State Park
Nearest City Kingsport
State Tennessee
Trail Marking None
Trail Use/Features Dnr hiking.png Dnr dog.png Dnr fishing.png
Difficulty Rating Easy
Hiking Time 1 Hour
60 Min
round-trip/trail only
2.23 Mi
3.589 km
/ 2.23 Mi
3.589 km
Trail Type Loop
Climb/Descent Elevation 751 Ft
228.905 Meters
/ -751 Ft
-228.905 Meters
High Point 1,637 Ft
545.667 Yards
Parking 36° 31' 0", -82° 28' 25"
Trailhead 36° 31' 0", -82° 28' 25"
Nearest Medical Indian Path Hospital
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Trail Overview[edit]

Located in Warriors Path State Park. Nice quick hike nearby for those in Kingsport. Interesting view of a stream flowing and disappearing into a sink hole (thus the name sinking waters). Can also be made part of a nice jogging route. Good views to the south for those that make it to the ridge top, especially on winter early mornings. Also a good location for blackberries and raspberries during the warm summer months.

How to get there[edit]

From the park headquarters...

  1. Take Fall Creek Rd across the Holston River.
  2. Continue past the golf course and turn left on Moody Lane.
  3. Turn left on to Cedar Branch Rd
  4. Gravel parking lot on your left as the road turns right

Route Description[edit]

The trail can be made very short or long by taking the loops as desired. The description below is for an "always turn right" route, (almost always) taking the trail to the right when it splits.

Miles Out Sinking Waters Miles Back Elevation (ft)
0.0 Trail head 2.19 1,479
0.05 Trail bridge and spring house 2.14 1,457
0.1 Trail head 2.09 1,494
0.3 Pass ridge sign and trail high point 1.89 1,637
0.5 Descend ridge on stairs 1.69 1,499
0.54 Rejoin lower trail at sign 1.65 1,448
0.62 Turn right at bench for 2nd loop 1.57 1,426
0.73 Bench on upper part of the middle loop 1.46 1,498
0.95 Trail head 1.24 1,373
1.0 Bench and sign at paved section and small bridge 1.19 1,382
1.09 Enter boardwalk section 1.10 1,330
1.2 Turn right to head to golf course 0.99 1,368
1.29 Trail head 0.90 1,388
1.44 View sinking waters 0.75 1,375
1.48 Leave boardwalk section 0.71 1,479
1.6 Stay right for middle loop 0.59 1,372
1.63 Sign about Coffman family 0.56 1,373
1.83 Complete middle loop 0.36 1,418
1.9 Begin lower portion of the first loop 0.29 1,443
2.1 Complete the first loop 0.09 1,499
2.19 Hike complete 0.0 1,479

Typical Conditions[edit]

The trails are fairly well maintained with boardwalks in the wetter parts and stairs on the steeper parts. Some side trails exist without posted signs. No trail blazes.

Fees, Permits, etc.[edit]

None needed, just park and go.

Misc. Information[edit]

Blackberries and raspberries abound in late June and July.

At night along the boardwalk a barred owl may ask "who cooks for you, who cooks for y'all."

According to the signs, the Coffman family settled in the area in the late 1860's. They tried to farm, but frequent floods swept away their cornfield and peach orchard. To get by they switched to blacksmithing and built a shop in the area.

In recent times the land was owned by (?) who bought it for his daughters to have a spot to ride horses. In (?) he donated to the park.


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