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Trip date 2019/12/29
Trails Whitetail Loop, Lake Road (Warriors Path State Park), Pawpaw Connector, Pawpaw, Boneyard Connector, Zipline
Hike Duration 2 hrs0.125 Days <br />120 Min <br />
Hike Length 4.6 mi7.403 km <br />
Number of people 2
Reported By Tim
Wiki Users on Hike Tim
TEHCC Organized? No
Share in Newsletter? Yes
Trail Condition Clear
Water Abundance Ok
Trail Comment Trails in normal condition
Hike Comment Had a buddy on this Daybreak Dog Hike. Trying to GPS log some hikes, paid attention and did Whitetail loop, pawpaw, Lake Road, and Zipline as drawn. Yet rarely ever hiked that way previously by me. Trail page updates are in progress.
Trip Report Tags Daybreak Dog Hike, GPS Logged
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