Holston Mountain Trail

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Trail Name Holston Mountain Trail
Nearest City Elizabethton
State Tennessee
Trail Marking Blue
Trail Use/Features Dnr hiking.pngDnr dog.pngDnr camp.png
Difficulty Rating Difficult
Hiking Time *
"*" is not a number.
Distance, round-trip 12.5
12.5 Mi
20.117 km
Climb/Descent Elevation 1,500
1,500 Feet
457.2 Meters
/ {{{Elevation Loss}}}
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High Point 4,200
4,200 Feet
1,400 Yards
Nearest Medical Elizabethton
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Trail Overview[edit]

Ridgeline trail along crest of Holston Mountain, fire tower with views on Holston High Knob

How to get there[edit]

From Elizabethton, TN

Follow TN 91 about 10 miles toward Shady Valley to Mill Creek Road.

To southern trailhead

Turn left on Mill Creek Road and follow for about 4 miles to trailhead and locked gate.

To northern trailhead

  1. Continue on TN 91 7 miles past Mill Creek Road to crest of mountain where Appalachian Trail crosses TN 91 at Osborne Farm. Gravel parking area is on south side of road.
  2. Follow Appalachian Trail north through Osborne Farm to Shelter:Double Springs where Holston Mountain Trail intersects Appalachian Trail.

Route Description[edit]

The blue-blazed Holston Mountain Trail is designated Forest Service Trail #44. It travels the Holston Mtn crest. The following route continues onto the Applachian Trail to TN91 to have a nice thru hike.

North to South (Miles) Hike Description South to North (Miles)
0.0 From backcountry parking area at junction of USFS roads 56, 56A and 202 on crest of Holston Mountain (3,750’), follow gravel forest service road north (now closed to motor vehicles). 12.5
1.2 Reach end of gravel road on Holston High Knob (4,140’). Tower (closed??) affords splendid view. Continue north on foot trail along mountain crest. 11.3
3.7 At end of ridge crest, best left, and descend by switchbacks. 8.8
4.0 Reach Flint Mill Gap (3,380’). Several trails and old roads lead from gap. To the left and west is the blue-blazed Flint Mill Trail (USFS #49) which descends padding spring and campsite in 100 yards and Flint Rock in 0.4 miles. Flint Rock offers outstanding views of South Holston Lake. Follow the Holston Mountain Trail to the northeast. 8.5
5.3 Pass Josiah Trail on left 7.2
6.3 Reach Little Deep Gap (3,620’) 6.2
8.1 Pass through Spanish Oak Gap (3,700’) 4.4
9.5 Join AT in glade at Double Springs Shelter. Take AT right from Holston Mountain Trail towards TN 91. US 421 is to the left 3.5 on the AT 3.5 miles. 3.0
9.8 High point of crest of Cross Mountain. 2.7
11.7 Northern end of pasture on Osborne Farm 0.8
12.5 TN 91 and gravel parking area 0.0

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