AT, Wilburn Ridge, Scales

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Trail Name AT, Wilburn Ridge, Scales
Park Grayson Highlands State Park
Nearest City Mouth of Wilson
State Virginia
Trail Marking
Trail Use/Features Dnr hiking.pngDnr camp.png
Difficulty Rating Hard
Hiking Time *
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Distance, round-trip 11.6
11.6 Mi
18.668 km
Climb/Descent Elevation 1,500
1,500 Feet
457.2 Meters
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High Point *
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Nearest Medical Damascus, VA
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Trail Overview[edit]

Open meadows, woods, ponies, ancient gray/pink volcanic rock

How to get there[edit]

Follow directions to Grayson Highlands State Park. Trailhead is the parking lot at Massie Gap. For those camping overnight, there is a unpaved parking lot nearby to use.

Route Description[edit]

Go from parking area along and up Rhododendron Trail to Appalachian Trail (AT), then along AT over Stone Mountain to Scales to cross trail on Pine Mountain to AT at Rhododendron Gap and back along Wilburn Ridge to Massey Gap area.

Miles Hike description
0.0 Parking Area in Grayson Highlands State Park and southern end of hike. Trail is on Rhododendron Trail to the AT.
0.5 AT intersection, turn right onto AT
0.9 Park Service Road and horse Trail, blue-blazed
1.1 Backpackers spur trail below rock, blue-blazed
1.8 Quebec Branch crossing
2.7 Wise Shelter
2.8 Big Wilson Creek Footbridge
3.0 East Fork Big Wilson Creek bridge
3.1 Gate at boundary of Little Wilson Creek Wilderness Area
3.3 Old railroad grade and view
5.2 Crest of Stone Mountain (4,800 ft.)
5.5 Scales, horse corral and sign board, fence
6.3 Small stream
6.9 Pine Mountain and Pine Mountain Trail, blue-blaze to west. Take left fork onto Blue-Blazed trail. Route is mostly near boundary of open area and woods.
9.0 Reach AT at Rhododendron Gap, Turn left onto AT (northbound)
9.5 Blue-blazed Wilburn Ridge Trail, goes over high rocks.
9.6 “Fat Man Squeeze” between rocks (can be bypassed).
10.0 Cross horse trail
10.3 Blue-blazed Wilburn Ridge Trail (goes over rugged peaks
10.6 Fence and Park/MRNRA boundary
11.1 Reach AT and right turn. This is open area. Go right on Rhododendron Trail.
11.6 Return to cars at Massie Gap parking area.

Typical Conditions[edit]

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After the Hike[edit]

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