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Within our 134 miles of Appalachian Trail there are numerous opportunities to volunteer. This distance has been broken into 36 sections of typically four miles each. An individual, couple, or even small group of friends will adopt and care for their piece of the Trail. These ‘Maintainers’ will visit several times throughout the year to repaint blazes, remove tree branches and blowdowns blocking the path, haul out trash, clean waterbars, etc. For more information, please contact Kim Peters at atmaint@tehcc.org.

There are also 15 shelters which needs some regular TLC. While typically the shelters are overseen by the maintainers responsible for that section, it is possible to be simply a ‘Shelter Monitor’ only – without having responsible for an entire section. This role would routinely check on the shelter condition, replace tools (broom, rake, shovel) and logbook as needed, removal build-up of ashes from fire ring, haul out trash, etc. For more information, please contact Kim Peters at atmaint@tehcc.org.

Weather permitting, the club has a weekly outing with a dedicated core of volunteers – usually on Thursdays. This group accomplishes tasks typically beyond the scope of individual section maintainers due to the strength in numbers. Many of these events are for those who like to get dirty in digging new trail to address a problem, rehabbing old trail, moving a rock or two, repairing shelters, etc. For more information, please contact Carl Fritz at atvolunteer@tehcc.org.

Every third Saturday from March to November, also weather permitting, a group will meet and enjoy a hike in the woods while performing minor maintenance on a section, such as repainting blazes, cutting back brush growing along the trail, or checking on a shelter. For more information about ‘Hiking with Tools’, please contact Kim Peters at atmaint@tehcc.org.

No experience is necessary on these adventures. Good personal physical condition is beneficial as several miles of hiking might be required.

Come out and join the fun. We look forward to meeting you soon!

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Appalachian Trail information about distances, shelters, etc. should be gathered using the trail guides available through Appalachian Trail Conservancy's website.

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