Recent AT Maintenance

Below is submitted maintenance activities for the last 6 weeks. Please note that trail conditions can change quickly. Or view maintenance by section.

Reporting: Eric Middlemas
Date: 02/28/2015
Purpose: USFS Sawyer Training
Section: Other (Meetings/preparation/etc.)
People: Eric Middlemas
Greg Kramer
Pat Loven
Summary: Attended sawyer training provided by the USFS for class B certificate. Training included approximately 4 hours of classroom training and 5 hours of field training. The field training included hands-on training on chainsaw operation and minor maintenance as well as use of the chainsaw for limbing, bucking, and clearing brush. There was a strong emphasis on safety through out the training.

Reporting: Craig Haire
Date: 02/28/2015
Purpose: trail inspection
Section: 20a: Nolichucky River to Temple Hill Gap
People: Craig Haire
Roy Holcomb
Summary: Walked through some deep snow in places, melted through to the ground in other places. The trail is in pretty good shape. Did some minor chainsaw clearing in 3 locations. with my new 16" Greenworks electric. See link below.

Reporting: Richard Carter
Date: 02/25/2015
Purpose: routine maintenance
Section: 14c: Stan Murray Shelter to Carvers Gap
People: Richard Carter
Summary: I walked the section, surprisingly found only two small blowdowns which I removed, and removed a small amount of trash from Stan Murray Shelter.

Reporting: Vic Hasler
Date: 02/09/2015
Purpose: TEHCC AT Committee
Section: Other (Meetings/preparation/etc.)
People: Bob Peoples, Steve Perri, Jim Chambers, Tim Stewart, Paul Benfield, Vic Hasler, Carl Fritz, Ed Oliver, Mike Hupko, Ted Mowery
Summary: Beginning at 5pm, the group touched on a long list of topics. “Just Jim” Chambers gave update about his own trek. New flyers for norovirus are now available. Current thoughts are the virus is coming from off-trail and spreads because of lack of hand sanitation. Report any incidents to Julie Judkins at ATC SORO office. Maintenance Dinner is Friday, February 20 with a BBQ meal for $5 payable at door. Carter County has scheduled a discussion on Wednesday, February 25 to consider being an AT Community. Julie Judkins will be speaking. Bob People mentioned that 30 folks have been invited. ATC Southern Partnership Meeting is March 27-29 with Steve Perri and Vic Hasler representing the club. Wilderness First Aid Course is March 28-29 at Eastman lodge. Scholarships are available. ATC Partnership Meeting is April 8 afternoon. Conversation turned to trail closure around Watauga Lake. Signs were left up all winter. There is a desire to reword specific signs to give better guidance to thru hikers in both directions. ATC has a challenge to remove a pound of garlic mustard per trail mile in 2015, so John Odell will lead an event around Devils Creek Gap on April 24. More information will be in club newsletter. Joe DeLoach will again be the contact with the Roan Ridgerunner. Mike Hupko shared that USFS has plans for ditch work along FS230 road in March-May. Discussion regarding Hardcore was primarily about the number of folks who might be coming. Preparations will continue to unfold in the next few months. Jim Chambers mentioned that PATC is using a graffiti (Sharpie) resistant paint, thus will inquire about specific information. Konnarock weeks were recently requested, so dates are unknown. Some lodging options for the crew were discussed. Relocations at Cross Mountain are scheduled for Watauga College in mid-August. The club has inspected the Laurel Fork bridges and is meeting with USFS about them on February 17. Paperwork is out on Wilder Mine campsite, Shook Branch bridge and campsite, and Old Ridge Road relo. Joe DeLoach will be attending the Open Areas Meeting on February 19. LL Bean grant ideas were discussed with shelter paint or a mower suggested. After the meeting, John Odell (ATC) replied that no final decisions have been made on the 2015 tag grants. Local management plan is not perfect, but will begin pursuing formal feedback and approval. Idea from Tim Schaefer about sending recent TEHCC retiree a contact letter was well received, but needs a draft created. The evening wrapped up by 6:45pm.

Reporting: Vic Hasler
Date: 02/07/2015
Purpose: Enjoy recent trail rehab and finish trimming up through switchback
Section: 19b: Curley Maple Gap Shelter - Nolichucky River
People: Vic Hasler
Summary: Wow! The trail work from the Noli bridge towards the outfitter has made the path really nice – as agreed with a couple of section hikers out on this sunny Saturday. Took pictures to document that the special projects crew has addressed Treadway TR014819 thru TR014823 deficiencies from the June 2013 ATC Assessment. Hauled out yet another tire and bag of assorted trash. After lunch, headed north of the outfitter to trim the switchback.

Reporting: Carl Fritz
Date: 02/11/2015
Purpose: Rehab trail
Section: 19b: Curley Maple Gap Shelter - Nolichucky River
People: Daryel Anderson, Paul Benfield, Richard Carter, Jim Chambers, Carl Fritz, Mike Hupko, Greg Kramer, Joe Morris, Bob Peoples, Mike Price, Kevin Sedgwick, Tim Stewart, George Thorpe
Summary: We finished the majority of rehab just trail south of Nolichucky Expeditions by installing a lot of cribbing and a number of rock steps. The trail from the expeditions to Chestoa bridge is in pretty good shape. What a great day to be out.

Reporting: Jim Foster
Date: 02/04/2015
Purpose: Check bridge timbers for signs of rotting
Section: 10: Hampton trailhead to Dennis Cove Road
People: Ed Oliver, Jim Foster
Summary: Ed and I checked the bridge timbers to see if there was any rotting. We had replaced a few of the timbers last year. All the timbers seem to be okay at this time but we will continue to monitor them for future replacement.

Reporting: Carl Fritz
Date: 02/04/2015
Purpose: Rehab trail
Section: 19b: Curley Maple Gap Shelter - Nolichucky River
People: Daryel Anderson, Paul Benfield, Ken Buchanan, Carl Fritz, Becky Kinder, Greg Kramer, Pat Loven, Joe Morris, Ted Mowery, Bob Peoples, Kim Peters, Tim Stewart, George Thorpe
Summary: We rehabbed trail north and south of railroad tracks. The dry gully maybe 1000 ft. north of RR has been bridged with stepping stones and short railroad ties. Hopefully, there is enough rocks to hold everything in place when the high waters come.

Reporting: Gayle Riddervold
Date: 02/04/2015
Purpose: To remove blow downs
Section: 13: US19E to Doll Flats
People: Gayle Riddervold & Becky Kinder
Summary: Today we removed a fallen tree right below the trail head using a big rock bar. As we proceeded up the trail, we discovered 2 trees that had to be sawed and removed. There were numerous branches that also had fallen and they were cleared from the trail. Further up the path we were forced to cut a small tree in order to move another blow down that was totally obstructing the path. After about a mile and a quarter, we turned around and returned to the trail head where we collected a small bag of trash.

Reporting: Steve Perri
Date: 01/29/2015
Purpose: ATC Biennial Task Force Teleconference
Section: Other (Meetings/preparation/etc.)
People: Steve Perri
Summary: The biennial task force conducted a teleconference to review the results of a recent survey of ATC's membership, trail clubs and others accessible sources of respondents. The results were rather interesting in that the respondents had different interests depending on whether their main reason was attending for hikes/workshops, for organized hikes, or for the membership meeting. Some respondents had never attended a meeting and were not fully aware of the events held at the meeting. The board will be meeting in a few months to discuss the results in light of their new strategic initiatives. It is likely that the recommended changes will occur for the 2017 biennial and not for the 2015 meeting. A good deal of discussions are ensuing among the task force of how future resources for hosting the meeting might be reduced and what aspects of the meeting could be suitable for a broader constituency.

Reporting: Kim Peters
Date: 01/28/2015
Purpose: Check No Business Knob Shelter
Section: 20b: Temple Hill Gap to Spivey Gap
People: Phyllis Cairnes, Rolla Wade, Kim Peters
Summary: We hiked out to No Business Shelter to check out the work done by Tom Merrimon as an Eagle Scout Project.
Thomas's Eagle Scout Project was to improve No Business Knob Shelter by providing a picnic table, cleaning the area, repairing the front knee wall, installing hardware cloth under the front of sleeping platform and painting the inside and outside of shelter and cleaning the metal roof.
The brown exterior paint of the shelter looks good however the white interior paint failed to adhere to the walls and is peeling off. It will need to be cleaned and repainted. We could not see the roof as it was covered with snow. Also, the hardware cloth looks too exposed. Hikers will catch on top edge as they get on and off sleeping platform. In fact, some of it had already pulled away and someone had placed duct tape over the protruding parts. The top of the knee walls are still open cinder block and should be covered.
We took measurements of the sleeping platform and knee walls for a future trip to fix these problems when the weather improves. We also picked up trash at the shelter that a recent backpacker had left along with a very nice note in which he apologized for doing so.

Reporting: Carl Fritz
Date: 01/29/2015
Purpose: Trail rehab
Section: 19b: Curley Maple Gap Shelter - Nolichucky River
People: Daryel Anderson, Paul Benfield, Richard Carter, Carl Fritz, Mike Hupko, Greg Kramer, Joe Morris, Ted Mowery, Bob Peoples, Mike Price, Kevin Sedgwick, Tim Stewart, George Thorpe, Jeff Rutter "Caveman"
Summary: We did some significant rehab of trail from Nolichucky Expeditions to over half way to Chestoa. Most of the rehab involved rock cribbing or rock steps and back filling. The problems were very narrow trail, sliding trail or tree roots. This crew fixed 500 feet of trail.