Recent AT Maintenance

Below is submitted maintenance activities for the last 6 weeks. Please note that trail conditions can change quickly. Or view maintenance by section.

Reporting: Kayla
Date: 02/06/2016
Purpose: General maintenance
Section: 12c: Sugar Hollow Creek to Campbell Hollow Road
People: Kayla Carter, Sarah Ellison, Kristen Lane
Summary: Since we've had a mild winter, I thought it would be good to go investigate the condition of my section this week. I created a Facebook event to invite my friends along with me. I also used this opportunity to promote and fulfill requirements with the ATC's Next Generation Advisory Council. I went over some safety information prior to hitting the trail since Kristen was a new TEHCC volunteer. Kristen used the outing as a way to complete her AmeriCorps/Appalachia CARES requirements. We began at Campbell Hollow Road and hiked through to Elk River Falls.

REHAB: We spotted two areas that need some slight rehabilitation, which is mainly just digging the sidehill back out. The areas were roughly 2 miles and 2.5 miles in going northbound from Campbell Hollow. There is also still some side hill that needs to be rehabilitated along the blue blaze to Jones Falls.

BLOWDOWNS: There is also a large blow down right at the end of the section. A large tree fell across the trail just as soon as you come out of the nook after crossing Sugar Hollow Creek. We picked up one trash bag full of junk, cleared about 5 smaller blow downs, trimmed some of the brambles, cut back some rhododendrons and cleared steps of leaf debris.

OTHER DETAILS: We stopped for lunch at Jones Falls, which was still slightly frozen. The grass along the Elk River has recently been maintained by the Forest Service. Always a sign of relief when it has been mowed. There was a lot of evidence of flooding through there as well. I feel much better about the condition of my section going into the warmer months. I'll be planning more outings this year as it is a requirement with the ATC's NGAC. I'd like to make the sidehill projects for future outings. I have a couple groups interested in helping out.

Reporting: Carl Fritz
Date: 02/04/2016
Purpose: Rehab trail and bridge
Section: 8: Wilbur Dam Road to US321
People: Daryel Anderson, Ken Buchanan, Jim Chambers, Wes Ford, Carl Fritz, Becky Kinder, Pat Loven, Joe Morris, Ted Mowery, Bob Peoples, Kim Peters, Gayle Riddervold, Kevin Sedgwick, Tim Stewart, George Thorpe
Summary: It was about 40 degrees all day, but it was a good cure for cabin fever. We took on a number of projects including removing all the dead roots protruding above trail around Shook Branch. Many steps and water drainage was added for access to trail from parking lot. New lathe was installed on bridge near old Butler Road and new steps added near it. A rock step was added to steps at shelter and some improvements were made to bear pole. Just north of the shelter there was a long area of exposed roots that were buried using cribbing and locust logs.

Reporting: Craig Haire
Date: 01/30/2016
Purpose: clear deadfall, blowdown, encroaching rhodo
Section: 9b: Pond Flats to Hampton trailhead
People: Craig Haire
Summary: Trimmed back rhododendron with lopper. Cleared deadfall and blowdowns by hand or with hand saw.

Reporting: Craig Haire
Date: 01/30/2016
Purpose: blowdown, deadfall, rhodo encroachment
Section: 9a: US321 to Pond Flats
People: Craig Haire
Summary: Trimmed back rhododendron with lopper. Cleared deadfall and blowdowns by hand or with hand saw and electric chainsaw.

Reporting: Phyllis Cairnes
Date: 02/02/2016
Purpose: shelter maintenance
Section: 2b: Abingdon Gap Shelter to McQueen's Gap
People: Kim Peters
Phyllis Cairnes
Summary: On this beautiful foggy, cloudy, windy, sunny Groundhog Day we walked in from Low Gap to Abingdon Gap shelter. General tidying chores were done: taking out the trash, cleaning out the rain gutter, shoveling out the fire pit. The log journal was not replaced but a missing pen was added. On the trail back we broke up two errant fire rings. The trail was essentially clear, no major blowdowns, just a couple of step-overs. No other hikers or groundhogs were spotted, but Kim's dog, Tigger, kept an eye out.

Reporting: Jim Chambers
Date: 02/01/2016
Purpose: Blowdown Removal
Section: 1: TN/VA state line to Backbone Rock Trail
People: Jim Chambers
Joe Morris
Bob Peoples
Summary: We finished all chainsaw work between south of the Backbone Trail and the Tennessee/Virginia state line. We also cleared the the Backbone Rock Trail, and cleared anything from the Tennessee state line to Damascus, VA. We also walked the flagged area on the Backbone Rock Trail that we'll be building new trail on with the Konnarock Crew in 2016.

Reporting: Kevin Sedgwick
Date: 01/31/2016
Purpose: check for blow downs
Section: 12d: Campbell Hollow Road to US19E
People: Kevin Sedgwick
Gloria Sedgwick
Summary: walked section to look for blow downs/ dead fall. Cut a few small trees from trail. One major blow down somewhat cleared trail. With handsaw and cutter mattock opened up tread way. As normal lots of ATV tracks in snow near Isaac's cemetery. Pulled lots of logs, limbs into old trail. Seems to be working in keeping them from going farther and cutting over to newer trail. With every trip on section cut back now dormant multiflora rose. Noticed some strange flagging tape near trail and reported it.

Reporting: Jim Chambers
Date: 01/31/2016
Purpose: Blowdown removal
Section: 13: US19E to Doll Flats
People: Jim Chambers
Robin Hobbs
Summary: Removed reported blowdown just north of the former Apple House Shelter.

Reporting: Jim Chambers
Date: 01/30/2016
Purpose: Blow Downs
Section: 2a: Backbone Rock Trail - Abingdon Gap Shelter
People: Jim Chambers
Robin "Miss America" Hobbs
Summary: Blow downs and numerous large branches were removed from the trail between McQueen Gap and Back Bone Rock Trail as a result of the recent Winter weather and high winds. Further chainsaw work will be conducted on Monday.

Reporting: Gayle Riddervold
Date: 01/28/2016
Purpose: To check for blow downs
Section: 13: US19E to Doll Flats
People: Gayle Riddervold & Becky Kinder
Summary: We only hiked as far as the power lines because the trail still contained 3 inches of snow making travel a bit of a challenge. Between the trail head and where the Apple House once stood is a large tree hanging off a bank which is forcing hikers to go under it. The tree is too large for us to handle and will require a chain saw. Further up the trail 2 small trees were removed and another large blow down was sawed in half in order to remove it off the trail. We will return to access the trail once the snow melts.

Reporting: Bill Hodge
Date: 11/28/2015
Purpose: Brushing
Section: 6: Iron Mountain Shelter to Vandeventer Shelter
People: Bill Hodge
Eric Giebelstein
Heather Eggleston
Scotty Bowman
Summary: The four of us hiked in and did a little work on Friday 27th, made camp and spent the night at the Vandeventer Shelter. On the 28th we continued our work. We focused our work on rhodo growing into the corridor north of the Vandeventer Shelter. We brushed a total of a mile (spread over 1.5 miles).

Reporting: Richard Carter
Date: 01/27/2016
Purpose: check section for blowdowns
Section: 14c: Stan Murray Shelter to Carvers Gap
People: Richard Carter
Summary: I walked the section, found surprisingly only one blowdown after recent snows, cut & removed it & removed some small branches.

Reporting: Craig Haire
Date: 01/17/2016
Purpose: clearing trail
Section: 18: FS230 switchback to Indian Grave Gap
People: Craig Haire
Summary: On a chilly, windy club hike to Beauty Spot, I did chainsaw clearing at 4 locations. A couple more smaller obstructions were cleared with a hand saw. There were 12 of us on the hike.

Reporting: Carl Fritz
Date: 01/14/2016
Purpose: cleanup trail
Section: 10: Hampton trailhead to Dennis Cove Road
People: Dean Baird, John Beaudet, Ken Buchanan, Richard Carter, Jim Chambers, Carl Fritz, Joe Morris, Ted Mowery, Bob Peoples, Kim Peters, Kevin Sedgwick, Tim Stewart, George Thorpe
Summary: We finished cleaning up Laurel Fork Gorge. There were a number of hikers including three south bounders. The falls already has a lot of ice.

Reporting: Jim Chambers
Date: 01/12/2016
Purpose: Trail Maintenance
Section: 10: Hampton trailhead to Dennis Cove Road
People: Bob Peoples
Jim Chambers
Summary: Bob and I performed trail maintenance north of Dennis Cove Road.

Reporting: Ken Murray
Date: 01/11/2016
Purpose: Routine Maintenance
Section: 20b: Temple Hill Gap to Spivey Gap
People: Ken Murray
Summary: Cleared two small "crawl under" blowdowns. Too much snow to complete trail asset inventory.

Reporting: Craig Haire
Date: 01/09/2016
Purpose: trail assessment, clearing trail
Section: 20a: Nolichucky River to Temple Hill Gap
People: Craig Haire
Vladi Razskazovskiy
Summary: Completed the AT trail assessment. At the south end, where a tree fall had left a big crater, we did some treadway rehab, leveling out and widening the trail. We cleaned out and widened over a dozen turnouts. On the southernmost mile a large dead tree had fallen into the trail from below, and we cut and cleared that with my Greenworks electric. We encountered around a dozen day hikers enjoying a pleasant Saturday.

Reporting: Carl Fritz
Date: 01/07/2016
Purpose: Rehab AT
Section: 10: Hampton trailhead to Dennis Cove Road
People: Ken Buchanan, Richard Carter, Jim Chambers, Wes Ford, Carl Fritz, Greg Kramer, Pat Loven, Joe Morris, Ted Mowery, Bill Murdoch, Bob Peoples, Kim Peters, Kevin Sedgwick, George Thorpe
Summary: We continued to rehab the steps going down to Laurel Falls. It was cool most of the day down close to the falls which had considerable ice. Although we installed many new steps, there are more to go.

Reporting: Bill Fuller
Date: 01/01/2016
Purpose: Scout Trail
Section: 14a: Doll Flats to Bradley Gap
People: Bill Fuller
Summary: I hiked from Doll Flats to the summit of Hump Mountain. Cleared one small blowdown and cut back some encroaching brush. The improvements made during Hardcore are wonderful!

Reporting: Jim Chambers
Date: 01/03/2016
Purpose: Asset Inventory
Section: 16b: Greasy Creek Gap to Iron Mountain Gap
People: Jim Chambers
Summary: Conducted the Asset Inventory from Iron Mountain Gap to Greasy Creek Gap.

Reporting: Ken Murray
Date: 01/02/2016
Purpose: Check for blowdowns. Finish Inventory
Section: 20b: Temple Hill Gap to Spivey Gap
People: Ken and Lotta Murray
Summary: Checked section for blowdowns and finished Asset Inventory