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I updated a good amount of content during the month of October, including Rogers Ridge Horse Trail, Bays Mountain, and Warriors’ Path State Park . It’s becoming too much work to go out hiking! As for the inner workings, I’ve turned back on anonymous edits and user account creation. It’s working great to stop the vandals, but still no new editors have been contributing. I’ve also started a concept of “hike plans.” These will be pages that assemble a collection of trail hikes into a single plan. Bays Mountain and their network of trails are prime examples of needing hike plans. An 11 miles tour of structures within the park is an early example. I call it the Bays Mountain Structure Tour and will lead this hike as part of the fall Expo.

Speaking of contributing, it is a wiki and, yes, we would love your help. We have documented 168 trails, some with little more than just their trail name, and I know there are many more within a 2-4hr drive that we haven’t even listed yet. Although I promise that wiki editing is easy and that you can’t permanently mess it up (all edits are saved, past versions can be reviewed, and edits can always be undone), you can always email me at with any desired corrections. But get in there, try out wiki editing, and help make this site the resource to find out about great hikes in our area.

F/B: Warriors’ Path State Park, Sinking Waters, Friday, November 27, 2015

Leader: Carrie Schaefer , 423-408-2846
Rating: Family/Beginner

Come burn off some turkey and stuffing and hike to see the 8th wonder of Colonial Heights – a stream sinking into a hole. Since REI has been in the news we have also rebranded this as our “Opt Outside” hike. This hike will be Family/Beginner friendly as it will have small children along for the hike. Meet at the pool parking lot at 1:30 PM to caravan over to the Sinking Waters trail head or if you know where it is, meet us there. Reservations not required but appreciated so we know to look for you. Contact Carrie Schaefer (

Hike: Warriors Path – Boneyard Nov 6th

Meet at the Warriors Path Mountain Bike Trail Head to hike this 3 mile trail. View trail wiki for trail head and information, [[Boneyard]]. This hike will include children and will move at a suitable pace for them. Contact hike leader Carrie Schaefer to let her know to look for you,

Warriors Path Bike Trails – Trip Report

Tim Schaefer reporting
Event Date: November 4th, 2013
Yet another beautiful fall day for a hike. This one was a bit colder than the previous week’s hike, but still extremely pleasant. Since we had small children, we kept the distance down and did just Boneyard. The trail map said 1.9, [[WPSP Mountain Bike Trail System|our wiki]] says 2.44. I’m inclined to believe our measurement, as it took us right at two hours including the short distance to and from the loop. For those who have never considered hiking these trails because of the mention of “Bike Trails,” these are some of the nicest trails that I’ve been on in Kingsport, with great views of the park and river. All we had to do was dodge out of the way of two bicyclists for our entire hike. Not bad for such a nice hike so close to home. Joining me was my family, Paula Cahill, and family friend Amanda.

F/B: Warrior’s Path State Park – Devil’s Backbone and Fall Creek Loop Trails, Sunday June 3

Leader: Ian Powell (423-217-8193)

Rating: Moderate – Four miles with steep climb up and over Lone Cedar Overlook

Enjoy a short local hike which provides views from overlooks, a stroll along a creek, and walk around open fields of a former farm. Anyone is welcome to attend.  Meet at the north end of the Fall Creek Road bridge by the golf course in Warriors Path State Park at 1:00 PM.  Dress appropriately for a summer hike and bring some drinking water for hydration.  For further information, check the trail wiki or call the hike leader.

Open Letter from the President of Friends of Warriors Path

Dear Community Members,

Great things are happening at Warriors’ Path State Park!  We are blessed to have a park that includes horse stables, golf, swimming pool, camp grounds, hiking trails, biking trails, walking trails, a universally accessible playground, a universally accessible tree house,  a walking trail for the sight impaired, a lake with boating and fishing, a marina, tennis courts, picnic pavilions galore, and a planned amphitheater.  If that is not enough, we also have a dedicated staff always ready to serve the citizens of this great community.  And the numbers of volunteers helping to maintain our park is growing by leaps and bounds.  What more could we want?

Glad you asked.  We would love to have you become a Friend of Warriors’ Path State Park.  As a Friend, you would be kept apprised of the happenings at the park, invited to participate in and help plan key events, assist in maintaining the park, and suggest ways to improve the park.  Each year we have several “Volunteer Work Days,” where hundreds of people come out and participate in work teams.  We have cleaned Darrell’s Dream Boundless Playground, cleaned the stream that runs through the park, rebuilt the amphitheaters at the camp grounds, planted flowers throughout the park, mulched areas, and cleaned up the hiking trails.  Friends also help with the Autumn Festival, where hundreds of citizens come to be a kid again and enjoy the exhibits, eat the soup beans and corn bread, listen to the music, get their faces painted and enjoy the hay ride.  But there is much more to be done and we need your help.

If you are interested in getting involved, please complete the Friends of Warriors’ Path State Park Form and include the application fee; the money is used to assist staff with the Autumn Fest, to purchase the materials needed for maintenance, to purchase needed items for the rangers to work with area schools and scouts, and to help offset the expenses of the park when the state is unable to help because of budget woes.

We are really looking forward to 2011-12 and your joining us to make our park the standout in the state park system.  If you have questions, email Betty DeVinney at or call 423-967-2381.

Warm Regards,

Betty DeVinney, Friends President

Friends of Warriors Path Work Day, April 30, 2011

Leader:  Kevin Barham
Warriors Path is requesting help with their upcoming maintenance event, Friends of Warriors Path Work Day.  FOWP is typically able to get a good numbers of volunteers at their work day events, but often need a few more experienced volunteers to help lead the pack.  The projects for the day are still being determined, but will be on a hiking trail, bike trail or disc-golf trail.  Please contact Kevin Barham,, if you have any questions or project requests.