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The July Trail Wiki Challenge

Tim Schaefer Reporting, webmaster@tehcc.org

Have you seen our Trail Wiki yet?  You should; it’s chock full of great information for whatever you need trail related in our area, whether it be a list of trails near waterfalls, hard trails, trails near Kingsport, the AT, or more.  Did you know it’s a wiki just like Wikipedia, meaning we all can contribute?  Well maybe it’s a little daunting, so I’m going to try a new installment called the Monthly Trail Wiki Challenge.  If you’re not comfortable adding it yourself, just send it to me and I’ll take care of it.  Each month I’ll ask for something we are missing from the Trail Wiki.  Maybe it’s a picture of azaleas in bloom or a frozen waterfall, or a detailed description of a trail, or a GPS log for a trail; anything that would be helpful to others trying to decide their next outing.

This month we’ll try Limestone Cove Trail just south of Johnson City near Unicoi.  Use the wiki to find out how to get there if you don’t know where it is.  This time I’m asking for some pictures and a GPS log.  If you have either already or this inspires you to check it out, please send them to me and I’ll get them incorporated.  If you’re interested in trying your hand at editing, we can work on that as well.  Good luck and thanks for helping our Trail Wiki!

May Club Meeting – The new TEHCC Trail Wiki, May 18

Tim Schaefer reporting

May’s meeting was about the new Trail Wiki.  We had several people show up very interested to see more of what has already been done (although we still have a long way to go).  The discussion ranged from “what’s a wiki” to how to do some basic editing (it’s really not that hard); but probably most importantly, how to find useful information.  Users of the site can search by interest, by difficulty, by area, alphabetically, by choosing from a map, or several other ways to find trails.  Many people were interested to hear that they could help those editing the site by offering pictures and GPS logs of their hikes.  As always, please check out the site, find a trail, get out there, and update the description of what there is to see.  If you see something missing or that we got something wrong, do not hesitate to hit that edit button, make your changes, maybe hit preview to see if it will look like you expect, and then save it.  We’ve got a few people who routinely watch the “Recent Changes” page and, if needed, will help you with any changes you’ve made.

The Week Ahead – May 16th

Unfortunately if you weren’t there, you missed HardCore 2011. The work on Pond Mountain was tough but the sense of accomplishment of making trail in those conditions is great. Full write up coming soon. This week it looks like you have some good opportunities to learn and have fun.

  • Wildflower Hike to Grassy Ridge on Wednesday starting in the morning
  • Club meeting at Eastman (open to outsiders) on Wednesday, main topic the new Trail Wiki
  • Hike for your Heart in Bristol on Saturday, a chance to hike and raise money
  • Hike Big Yellow Mountain to Little Hump! on Saturday. The details are scarce, but the notice says a celebration about a partnership between Highland Brewing Co., USFWS, and SAHC with refreshments at the end of the hike. Just saying!

Get all of the details from our schedule page.

Doe River Gorge, Sunday, April 10

Leader: Vic Hasler

Ah, a spring walk on a warm Sunday afternoon!  With area temperatures reaching 87˚F, the shaded Doe River Gorge offered a comfortable hike while viewing and photographing the early wildflowers (wild ginger, yellow and wake robin trilliums, longspur, bleeding hearts, fire pink, and more).  The three cars for the eight folks from TEHCC converged from different directions at the camp around 1:45.  A surprise was when more cars with another 21 people pulled up at that same time.  During the hike, we figured out that two hiking clubs had arrived coincidently for the same hike.  Thus the trip was enjoyed with the “Little Lost Hikers” from Linville, NC (including some Boy Scouts from two troops).  A real benefit was their wildflower expert who helped with identification.  (FYI, looks like more flowers would be in bloom in early to mid-May.)  The 5-mile hike was completed in roughly three hours.  From TEHCC were Troy Greenwald, his daughter Ella, and mother Joan Amato, Sharon Burnette, Solange Adams, Serita Blankenbecler, and Cinda Foglesong.

Details of this trail have been captured in the new club wiki, including the wildflower pictures and identification.  This shared knowledge could be useful to others for deciding where to hike and explore in the region.

Lunch & Learn: The New TEHCC Trail Wiki – May 18th

Come to this month’s meeting to learn about the details of using and how you can contribute to our new trail wiki site. Come learn how you can navigate our new wiki and use it to find trails that interest you.  We’ll even cover how you can help contribute to the site by either directly editing yourself or by providing the information for others to use in editing.  Bring a sack lunch to enjoy while talking with others. The program starts at noon and we plan to be finished by 12:45 to give travel time for those who may have a 1PM meeting. Location is at Eastman in Kingsport B150 Room C. If you’re not an Eastman employee but are interested in attending contact Tim Schaefer to arrange a visitor pass.

Trail wiki is coming along great

If you haven’t checked out our trail wiki yet, you are definitely missing out on a great way to both help out the club and more importantly find great information on the trails in our area. With only about half of the trail pages even created (and many of those without detailed information, pictures, or GPS logs), one very fair complaint right now is that we don’t have a lot of useful information on the site. I take that as a shining example of the lack of collated information available out there that we are trying to solve. If you would like to see where we hope to ultimately get the entire site, check out our Warriors Path State Park page and its trails.

Most importantly I can’t stress enough that help from others in our club will make this site more informative and on the wiki faster. If you’re wondering how you can help, one place that we occasionally try to list things that we need is our Help Wanted list. Mostly if you don’t see a picture, GPS log, or description of a trail not on the site and you think it’s relevant, we would love it if you share. Either edit directly or send things to me at webmaster@tehcc.org.