Basic Swiftwater Rescue Course, Trip Report

Scott Fisher reporting
Event Date: July 27-29

We had an exceptional SWR class out at Big Rock!!  Congrats to the participants for doing the right thing by making the safety of their fellow paddlers and themselves a priority by taking this class.  Please join me in congratulating Jeremiah Tomlinson, Steve Hagood, Stacey Lowe, Pema Olivia Bhutia, Nicolas Machi, Ian Watson, Todd Emma, Nathan Vannoy, Josh Lawson, Kim Lawson Hayden Blake, Aaron Hillman and Ben Carr.   As always, the course was demanding, tiring and fun!

Big thanks go out to Wes Bradley, Dave Walters, Jeremy Gass and Jeff Vannoy for lending their time and expertise as assistant instructors!  Without their help these courses wouldn’t be possible.