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Friday Hikers: AT – AT from Carvers Gap to Hughes Gap, Trip Report

Collins Chew reporting

Event Date: April 20th

We had a great hike on the AT over Roan Mountain today.  The day started chilly and foggy but warmed and cleared.  Until we started down from the top, we saw no wildflowers, but they began to show up as we descended toward Ash Gap.  With each increment of descent, a different assemblage of flowers appeared.  We ended up with a really great day of flowers with great diversity.  There were carpets of various flowers at different places.  The trout lilies were very large as well as numerous.  We rolled the relocation with a wheel and mapped it with GPS.  It was 0.4 miles longer because of a long switchback added recently.  Hikers were: Olin Babb, Kathy and Jerry Case, June Donaldson, Howard Guinn, Carol Idol, Lowell Toof, Jane Whitson and Collins Chew.

Friday Hikers: Max Patch, Trip Report

Collins Chew reporting

Event Date, April 13th

We had a beautiful day with pleasant temperatures for our annual trillium hike over Max Patch.  The veterans all think we saw more trillium this year than ever before, with at least four varieties/colors.  There were a number of other flowers with a carpet of trout lily in one place.  Hikers were Gary Bailey, Lee Bockman, Kathy and Jerry Case, Andy Gilbert, Ryan Sheeley, Jane Whitson, Laura Ward, and Collins Chew.

Friday Hikers: Laurel River, Trip Report

Collins Chew reporting

Event Date: April 6th

We had a beautiful day with early clouds for our annual 7-mile wildflower hike on Laurel River, NC.  The night’s rain had dropped the flowers in the morning, but they recovered well during the day.  Lunch was at the abandoned site of Runion as usual. The river flow was heavy and we spent a fair amount of time watching kayakers and rafters going through the very impressive rapids.  Hikers were:  Kathy Case, Carol and Dave Dunham, Jerry Jones, Jan Mather, Susie Seiler, Shirley and Lowell Toof and Collins Chew.

Friday Hikers: Carvers Gap to Grassy Ridge, June 17

Collins Chew reporting

We had ideal weather for our 4.8-mile hike from Carvers Gap to Grassy Ridge and return and then another 0.5 mile (about) hike through the Rhododendron Gardens.  Along the AT, the rhododendrons were upstaged by a nearly continuous, beautiful display of flame azalea with many colors showing.  The rhododendrons were also very nice, particularly near the top of Grassy Ridge and in the Gardens.  There were many other wildflowers, including American Mountain Ash, Grays Lily, bluets, ragwort, and more.  Many others shared our enjoyment of the day.  There was the usual stop for peaches as well.  Hikers were:  Olin Babb, Lee Bockman, Anne Cosby, Carol and Dave Dunham, Judith Foster, Bob Harvey, Jerry Sluder, Judy and Bill Tindall, Lowell Toof, first timers Rikki Rhoton and Sharon Trumley, and Collins Chew.

Friday Hikers: AT – Braemar to Shook Branch, June 10

Collins Chew reporting

We hiked from Braemar over Pond Mountain on the AT to Shook Branch to measure a new relocation near the top of Pond Mountain.  The relocation measured 1851 feet long and the entire section ended up 0.1 miles shorter than the guide book distance.  We walked about 7 miles including the mile on the blue-blaze trail from Braemar.  There were a fair number of wildflowers with Mountain Laurel the showiest.  I was also fascinated by the white and pink-flowered shrub at low elevations at both ends.  I guess it is Corymbed Spirea.  The flower spikes of Galax got the most comments.  Some flame azalea was still blooming.  Hikers were:  Bob Harvey, Lowell Toof, and Collins Chew.