Beginner/Novice Whitewater Kayak Clinic, Trip Report

July 14-15, 2012
Scott Fisher reporting

We had a great group of new kayakers take the beginner class this past weekend.  The weather cooperated for the most part and we had a great time meeting new friends on the water.  We had three existing members and seven new APEs participate.  Please join me in congratulating Kelmara Kelly, Michelle Frazee, Todd Emma, Jeremiah Tomlinson, Penny Morgan, Marie Bradford, Haley Werth, Buck Mayzes, Mark Crass and Wade McKeehan.  All did a fantastic job and their progress throughout the weekend was obvious.  As is the APE way, let’s reach out to these folks to welcome them and include them in upcoming trips.

Special thanks to our AIs Steve Hagood, Stacey Lowe, Dave Walters, Donna Kestner and Sonia Millan for their time and expertise. Special thanks also to everyone who stepped up to loan our newcomers the gear they needed, especially Wes Bradley who year after year is there to provide boats and equipment for those who need them.